Six Sentence Sunday – Gotta have that look 4

July 15, 2012

It’s good to be back for Six Sentence Sunday, though I took last week off in the Polaris excitement.

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Jimmy was talking with his friend Bryan about getting a ‘new look’ to impress a girl.

“Not too tall, but at least 170, strong arms, square jaw.” I looked up at Bry. “Can they do all this down at Transform-U?”

“Oh, so little Jimmy’s finally ready to stop being the short duckling and man up?” Darren put in. “Yeah, it’ll take a little time – especially the extra height. It takes a while for those shots of theirs to grow out your bones, and even longer if you wanna get short again.”

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Six Sentence Sunday – Gotta have that Look 3

July 1, 2012

First Six. Second Six.

So, we’re continuing on with my little story about teenagers playing around with their ‘look’:

“Stephanie came through when I asked her to.” With his other hand, Bry produced a pocket-Smart with a short list typed on the screen. “Your recipe for winning the heart of Diane Black.”

I felt really awkward about this, but excited too – and slowed gradually to a stop so that I could focus on the words better.  “Green eyes, she said first,” I read. “So they’re important to her?”

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Six Sentence Sunday – Gotta have that Look 2

June 24, 2012

First Six are here.

Thanks for your comments. Jimmy and Bryan were talking about Bryan’s new freckles.

“Stephanie thought that they looked good last night, but unfortunately, her parents were waiting up, so she didn’t get any overnight action from me.” Bryan fell in step next to me and chuckled. “I can’t wait to find her and see what she thinks now!”

“That’s great,” I said, thought to be honest, it was a little too much information. Bry’s a good guy at heart, though, and he always makes an effort to include me even when I’m being a social freak, so I make a special effort to always be polite if nothing else.

“And… we came through for you, buddy,” Bry continued, dropping an arm down around my shoulders, though the gesture was awkward with the twenty centimeters of height currently seperating us.

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Six Sentence – Gotta Have That Look

June 17, 2012

Well, hi there everybody. Thanks for everybody who commented on ‘The Shuttle’ – I’ve got a revised version sent in to the CSSF workshop now, so I thought I’d start with one of the shorts I’ve been working on for Camp Nanowrimo:

“Morning, Jimmy.”

I had that moment of disorientation, wondering just how long it had been since I’d last seen the person who was talking to me, and how much he might have changed in the meantime. “Fuckin’ hell… Man, those freckles just came in like nobody’s business, didn’t they? I could hardly even see them yesterday afternoon.”

Bryan had a very pleased smile as he gestured at the newest additions to his face. “Yeah, Miss Pearson down at Transform-U said that it was a new melanin cluster formula with overnight action.

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