My 750th Post count party!

February 4, 2013

Hey there, friends and followers. Today is my 750th post for the Kelworth Files, and even though it’s not a hugely round number, it’s a cool one, so I thought I’d throw a little party for it. Help yourself to anything at the bar, and there’s some pretty good cupcakes and pizza out on the coffee table. 😉

In case you haven’t heard it, ‘post count party’ is a term I came across on the SDMB message board – the forum software keeps track of how many posts members have made, so some people make threads just to congratulate themselves on their five thousandth post or whatever – and the mods do not always take kindly to them. 😉

So, it’s been about two and a half years since I started blogging, and I’ve had a great time here. This may not be the most successful blog in the whole world, but I kinda like it, and the friends I’ve made. I should probably concentrate on keeping up with some of my favorite bloggers, rather than just sitting here and doing my own thing… (Checks a blog randomly picked from memory in another tab, Trisha’s WORD+STUFF…)

Oh, man! Overcoming Adversity is today! Maybe I should wipe out this post and start working on a flash fic… I signed up for that, didn’t I?  Okay, yes, I signed up for it, but it spans two days. So stay tuned for my flash fiction on the subject of Overcoming Adversity, tomorrow on the Kelworth Files! 😀 We now return you to your regularly scheduled party.

Yeah, hmm… I do want to keep doing the blog hop thing. ‘Blog hop’ as a term seems to be getting more popular than blogfest, doesn’t it? That’s a good thing to keep in mind as I search for writers’ blog hops in 2013.

I’m looking forward to the craziness of the A-Z challenge, and I’m wondering if there’s going to be a Platform-building Campaign this year. Rach from Rach writes hasn’t posted anything since October.

And on that somewhat sad thought my train of thought rumbles to a stop. Except I still have enough brainpower to ask – what are you looking forward to, blogging-wise, for the rest of the year?

Shining a spotlight on Wrimos, again

October 5, 2012

Oct 30 Update: Thanks to everybody who’s volunteered so far, and I believe I have enough signups to last me through the end of November. If you’ve just found your way here and you’re interested in being a potential alternate in case I need to substitute, by all means post a comment – I still haven’t gotten interviews back from some people who were sent their questions two and a half weeks ago. 😉

What the heck, it’s been over a month since I ran my last Ninja spotlights, and it looks as if there won’t be any Crusader or Campaigner spotlights this fall, so I’m officially launching Wrimo Spotlight 2012 season early. Throughout October and November, I hope to post nearly a score of short, fascinating interviews with writers who will be participating in National Novel Writing Month this year. If you’re interested, please comment here, (making sure to add an email address where I can reach you, if it’s not linked to your WordPress profile,) or email me at chrisken zero at gmail dot com. (Replace the zero, at, and dot as appropriate.)

What’s involved? Well, I’ll probably have a few stock questions about Nanowrimo that I’ll ask everybody, plus some sneaky and funny questions that I’ll pick randomly just for you. You can also take up to 200 words to shamelessly plug your website, your book, your twitter feed, or whatever, and include a small image (400*400 pixels, or I’ll shrink it down myself) to serve as a visual aid to your answers, help you promote something, or just add interest to the interview – but no photographs of yourself, please. Think outside the box!

I’ll hopefully be able to give everybody at least a week to answer their questions over email, but if you’re a Speedy Gonzales, that’ll get you posted sooner. And no, you do not have to have a blog or link to me on your blog; if you’re doing Nano and interested in filling out the interview, I’d love to spotlight you. Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you all.

It’s Campaigning time! (But I’d rather be a Crusader.)

February 6, 2012

So, the fourth crusade is up and running, and one of the requirements to join is to post about the campaign and link to it. So that, obviously, is what I’m doing write now. 😉

I’ve had a lot of fun with the third Platform-building Campaign, but I’m sorry, I have to say, to me, it just didn’t have the immense cool factor of the second Platform-building Crusade. I know that there were people who were offended by the word ‘Crusade’, and Rach made her call to change the name, but I just loved being a Crusader, and I’m a little sad that there were people whose feelings were hurt by that word.

If you don’t know what either the Campaign or Crusader are about, then basically it’s just a huge months-long fest of blogging writers linking to each other, getting to know each other, and having fun together. You can follow the links to Rach’s blog to find out more.

Moving on – Campaigner spotlight interviews! If you’re signing up for the Campaign too, and you’d like to do an interview and get the spotlight on your book or your blog or anything else you’d like to plug, you can reach me by:

  • Email at chrisken zero at gmail dot com (deciphering that email address shouldn’t be hard for anybody who isn’t a bot.)
  • Commenting on this post
  • Waiting for news about the Fourth Campaign yahoo group, which should be starting any time, and joining. I imagine I’ll be posting a call for Spotlight subjects there in the next few days.

If you’ve contributed an interview for the Third Campaigner Spotlights or the Nano spotlights in 2011, then I’d rather give new people a chance rather than give you a second chance, but I don’t mind you dropping me a line to let me know that you’re available in case I need somebody to fill a spot.

And, if you’d like to contribute questions for the interviews, post a comment below! I’ll probably vary the interview format a little, with a few questions that are sent to all spotlight bloggers, a few that are repeated often, and a few that are unique.

Hope to see you all on the Campaign trail!

Campaigner Spotlight: Brinda Berry

September 16, 2011

Hi, all, and welcome to the first in my new Campaigner Spotlight series. A little bit like JC Martin’s Writer Wednesdays, I wanted to give volunteers from the Platform-building Campaign a chance to speak on their own behalf, so I’ll be asking each volunteer three completely unexpected questions, and also giving them 100 words or less to talk about themselves and convince you to follow their blog!

So, my first volunteer is Brinda Berry.

1. Are you more of an optimist, pessimist, or exactly in-between?

I’m an optimist. Writers must be.

2. Who is your favorite author ever – you have to pick just one!

My favorite author is Stephen King.

3. Where, if anywhere, are your backup files?

My backup files are in Dropbox. Hackers, please stay away.. Oh my…that was a little pessimistic.

Why follow me? I feel a query letter moment coming on now. I need you, and you need me (see optimist statement above). I need to talk to people who understand writing trials and tribulations as well as the celebration of a good story. In exchange for your undying blog-following devotion, I promise to do my best in helping you become the next bestselling author. Of course, most of the burden is on you. I’m not witty, sarcastic, or amazingly insightful, but I do post software, marketing, and technical tips on a regular basis since that’s what I know.

Thanks for volunteering to be my first spotlight, Brinda! I’m one of your followers as of now.

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