A mild airport wifi rant

June 26, 2011

I’m in the Charlotte airport, with about 45 minutes before my flight for Kansas City leaves. It’ll be boarding soon, but I might be a bit late for the boarding call.

I’ve been trying to get the wifi working for a few hours now, since we landed, and now it’s finally up. For a long time, I could connect to the CLTNET, but not actually get any internet from it, either DNS or anything else. I’m not sure if it just came up all over, or if the fact that I’m trying from this spot, near the plaza side of concourse C, is the key factor. I don’t much care.

I was a little frustrated by the fact that the general ‘business center’ in the plaza was closed and unattended (because it’s a Sunday afternoon?) and the only information kiosk was on the other side of the security checkpoint. I had no intention of going through the X-ray machines again just to ask a question, of someone who might not have an answer.

And the US Air club lounge definitely had internet, but would have made me pay $50 for the day pass. So that’s why I decided to try the wi-fi about as close outside the club lounge as I could find a seat.

I’ve found the local number for the town car company in Lawrence, which is the thing I really wanted to get online to check. And I’ve posted this little rant, and I might look for some info on how to get my sansa MP3 player to shuffle before I go.

Hmm… this hasn’t taken long so far. Maybe I’ll be nearly on time for boarding after all.

Browncoat Ball 2010 – Reprise

December 9, 2010

I know that I’ve already blogged about my experiences at the Browncoat Ball, but I was going through some files on my flash drive, and found a bunch of notes that I must have made while I was in Charlotte on Saturday morning or before I could get to bed Friday evening. Since it doesn’t look like I consulted this before making my other post, I’ll include some of my thoughts here:

Browncoat ball memories – day 1
Drive-through breakfast with Russ – french toast dipping sticks, hash brown bites, and apple juice from Burger King
15 minutes waiting at the border crossing on Peace bridge
Throwing out toothepaste before going through TSA
Difficulty getting room the safe to work – front desk called a maintenance guy for me, and he actually called in ANOTHER maintenance guy because he couldn’t figure out to open the safe after the last guest left it locked.
Breaking a grip from behind, (pressure on thumb, forward with hips to make use of leverage, hooking the leg from behind, hooking their arm with yours.)
Breaking a bear-hug grip, (stepping back, creating a window to move one of your arms under theirs. Also stepping on toes often works.)
Fancy sparring demonstration at the end.
Civil war history.
Lots of stuff about taking care of your musket, also pocket watches.
three kinds of swords, each with their own rules.
saber for ‘cutting’, everything above the waist.
foil as the most delicate training weapon, only the torso
epee is a slightly thicker pointing weapon, target is anywhere. NO RIGHT OF WAY rules. Large handguards, because the sword arm is a valid target.
Footwork practice – en guarde position, advancing, retreating, and lunging.
Reflex practice on the target.

Whedonverse book authors – buy the rest?

Wash luau… mostly waiting for the KARAOKE! also the team exercises, coming up with the alliance cruiser heist

Folk songs:
Jayne’s favorite things
The cautionary tale of Yo-Saff-Bridge
Kaylee’s song for Jayne, hehe
Travelers and dreamers.
Build new worlds
The ballad of Malcolm Reynolds

Pajama party screenings, winning the pony in pajamas, (with his teddy bear.)

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