Minor driving woe

May 11, 2012

I got some bad news – a call from my car insurance company – today. Sigh.

I didn’t blog about this because it happened in April and didn’t really fit with the Script Frenzy A-Z-ness, but I managed to back into the side of a company van after getting a new stereo installed in my car. Gave them my insurance info and my phone number, and they said they’d call me after having the van looked at.

They didn’t call, apparently. They just reported it to their insurance, so my rates are probably going to go up at some point. I still don’t really know when or how much, I didn’t even get a chance to really talk to my insurance guy.

I’d hoped to do some critiquing or ‘How to revise your novel’ revising work on the bus home from work today, but getting that call just sucked any creative energy out of me for a while. Ended up watching ‘Community on my iphone until I got home, then having a little DVR marathon. I did get out driving in Ghost again – down to Rosedale, to do some shopping and collect my new passport – whoohoo! And I got a new scene started for a short story I’ve been working on this week, ‘A Prayer for Healing.’

Life goes on, one way or another.

Catching up on ‘Community’

February 15, 2012

I’ve been watching a lot of ‘Community’ recently – not recent episodes. I was a bit late to the bandwagon on this amazing, amazing show, and despite the fact that it’s on hiatus in the middle of season three – well, since early December I’ve seen everything from episode 1-21, “Contemporary American Poultry”, through 2-09, “Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design”, except for the last two episodes in season one, which I caught out of order at the time they originally aired. I only started season 2 three weeks ago today, so that’s been an average of three Community fixes a week.

It’s great – a really smart, really funny show, that isn’t afraid to go – pretty much anywhere. From the grand tour de force homages like ‘Modern Warfare’, ‘Basic Rocket Science’, and ‘Epidemiology’ (the Halloween zombie episode,) to smartly thought out plots like ‘The Art of Discourse’ and ‘Co-operative Calligraphy’, I’ve been loving every chance I get to take in an episode.

“Calligraphy” is one of those little bottle shows that is shot like it was written as a play – one room, seven characters with a cameo by the Dean, and a plot that you wouldn’t think could stretch out the whole episode – Annie is missing her pen and doesn’t want the session to break up without finding out what happened to it. But the action unfolds like a locked room mystery, with suspicion falling on every character – including Annie herself, more than once. Every possible explanation of how the pen could have innocently gone astray is investigated, and ruled out. And this tiny, little thing stresses our unconventional family of college students to the breaking point, bringing out awkward, uncomfortable secrets, and testing the faith and trust that they have in one another.

Finally, at the darkest hour, Jeff proposes a completely outrageous and nonsensical straw man, a villain whose existence could never be obviously proven (or disproven,) just to give everybody in the group an out with which they can save face. And for the sake of the bond that they’ve formed, they each accept the utter nonsense.

Only we as the audience learn the truth, a solution to the puzzle that’s about as outrageous as anything else mentioned in the entire episode, but also has just enough logic in terms of the Greendale universe to make you go “Hey, why didn’t I think of that?”

I’ll try to remember to let you know what I think when I’ve finished watching season 2.

Music I love – Dala, ‘Anywhere under the moon.’

February 7, 2012

My appreciation for Dala has grown slowly over several years. I saw them when they came with the Vinyl Cafe concert to Hamilton in December of 2008, kinda liked the songs that they sang in that show, (some of which were traditional-seasonal, not their own,) and picked up a copy of the CD that they had on sale, “Who do you think you are.’ I gave that CD a few listens, but wasn’t immediately blown away. I remember that I was really starting to love it by the time December rolled around, because I bought a CD of Matt Andersen’s at that year’s concert just hoping I’d come to like it as much. (Not quite, though he’s grown on me somewhat as well.)

I bought another Dala CD, “Everyone is Someone”, off the Itunes Canada store early in 2010, and wasn’t really blown away by anything off the album except for ‘Levi Blues’, which I thought was amazing from the first listen, and still do.

Recently I’ve picked up some more of their music from emusic.com – another studio album, “This moment is a flash”, which I’m not sure what I think about, and a live performance collection, “Girls from the North Country”, which has a few covers like “Both Sides Now” and “The Weight,” and also accoustic versions of some of my favorite tracks from “Everyone is Someone” and “Who do you think you are.” This was enough to get me scouting YouTube for Dala’s music videos and footage of their live performances.

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