Disappointing news for would-be campaigners

September 11, 2012

I’ve had a lot of fun in Rachael Harrie’s platform-building campaigns (or crusades, which is what they were called before all the bad press around the crusades got the name changed. 😉 ) I was looking forward to the Fifth Campaign in the second half of 2012, but apparently, like Patrick Stewart’s visit to Toronto, it’s been postponed until 2013.

Now, I can sympathize with whatever else Rachael’s got on her plate at the moment, and nobody else can really run a full Writers Platform-Building event like she can, but if there’s any other blogging crusaders-at-heart out there, maybe we can still get together and have some bloggy, Platform-Building fun this fall. To start with, I’m hereby opening applications for a new Crusader Spotlight series, running from now to October 30th 2012. If anybody wants to start a Crusader Challenge blogfest, count me in! And let me know about any other Crusadey fun you can think of.

Crusaders ho! Who’s with me?

An inspirational story for crusaders?

March 6, 2011

IMPORTANT NOTE – schedule changes are coming to the Kelworth Files! Stay tuned for further details.


My boss at work knows that I’m interested in writing, and last Thursday he forwarded me this article.

It’s a short piece on Amanda Hocking, the best-selling independent author on Amazon’s Kindle store. Amanda has never had a traditional publishing deal, and posted stories on her blog before starting up a Kindle self-publishing arrangement.

She’s selling around 100,000 copies per month, according to the article, at prices from 99 cents to 3 dollars, and gets to keep 70% of the revenue.

Obviously this is a great success story in terms of a writer being able to market herself, if nothing else. Is it something that we on the Writer’s Platform-Building crusade should be aspiring to? I think that at the least, it’s a path that many of us should be considering.

What are you trying to build your blog platform towards? What would be success in terms of your writing, and getting it published, specifically? I’m not sure what the answers would be for myself yet, but I’m doing my best to think it through.

Crusader spotlight – The Golden Eagle!

February 28, 2011

This is going to be another short spotlight, because I’ve been running around finishing things from my February to-do list – and helping with the Haggle. But I wanted to do a spotlight on another crazy crusader, and in fact, I’ve decided to officially change Blogosphere Monday into the Crusader spotlight for the duration of the Platform-building Crusade!

So – the Golden Eagle has a cool writing blog. She’s preparing for the A-Z challenge in April, she’s a Nanowrimo winner, and a Ninja novelist. Also, she absolutely fooled me with her first Crusader challenge entry – I thought that she couldn’t swim, but… well, I’ll let you read the spoiler for yourself!

Blogosphere Monday: Alison Pearce Stevens

February 14, 2011

Prior Blogosphere spotlights.

Well, it’s late and I need to go to bed soon, but I’m sending a shout-out and a spotlight tonight to Alison Pearce Stevens’ blog.

Alison writes science picture books, how cool is that? Her blog has lots of great stuff about marketing writing, and she’s in the A-Z challenge and a fellow crusader! She’s also putting together a great blogfest about snooping on your characters, so surf on over and take a good look!

See you on Wednesday for a new chapter of ‘Wizard of Mars’, I guess.

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