Nanowrimo Spotlight: Imaginary World

October 17, 2014

Good evening!curled_dragon I’ve got another interview for you: Jess is Imaginary World over on the Nanowrimo site and blogs at princessofdragons. Here’s the history of Imaginary World and Nanowrimo:

I first found out from NaNo from a friend. There’s quite a few of us in my circle of friends who are writers, so when November came around, she mentioned that she was going to be doing this writing challenge, and I thought that sounded interesting, so I signed up as well. Never regretted it either.

That was my second year of year uni, so I had a lot of time to work on writing, which is probably the only reason I managed to finished that year, with 51K. Somehow, I’m not entirely sure how, but I have managed to win every year that I took part in. Mainly I think it’s because I love charts, and goals, and I’m quite competitive, so if I don’t feel like I’m winning I’ll push myself until I’m back on track. The first two were around the 50K mark, but last year, I managed to hit some sort of writing groove and came out with 83K. I’m going to try and equal that this year.

I think my favourite memory comes from last year, when I hit that groove for the first time. I was just sitting there at my desk, writing away. I’d done about two two-hour sessions. I then sat back for a tiny break, and counted my words to go and update my word count, and was astounded to see I had hit 5K. I’d never done that before. I was so happy, I went on to do another 2K that day, and that started a trend.

I also enjoy the small writing group that me and my friends have set up. We usually get a couple of sessions in November, for obvious reasons. It’s called typing and tea, and we sit there, have some word sprints, and then drink vast amounts of tea. It’s great! Also productive.

What are you writing this year?
As usual, fantasy, but this year I think my book would count as a gaslamp fantasy. Well, it’s steam punk at any rate. Called Mechanica Awakening, it follows Rose, a girl with the rare ability to awaken the spirits of machines and objects. Called to the city because of her father’s work, they are right in the heart of the turmoil as the country teters on the edge of a civil war. And when Rose chooses to use her ability to defend the city and her friends, the word gets out and she struggles to keep her life, friendships and free will intact as people from all sides try to get her to join them, willingly or not.
I’m hoping to go beyond 50K. My target is 75K, but I was also accept a completed first draft (which is probably more than 75K to be honest)

What is your favourite book – you have to pick just one!
All right then, one book. Read the rest of this entry »

Campaigner Spotlight: Danyelle Leafty

October 6, 2011

Hello, Campaigners! Today the Campaigner Spotlight is shining on Danyelle Leafty, who is a collector of dragons, talking frogs, and fairy godmothers.

Are you allergic to anything, and if so, what?
Allergies are the bane of my existence right now. I’ve always had really bad allergies to pollen which made playing outside during allergy season a challenge. I grew up in an area with lots of trees which meant a lot of pollen flying through the air at least once a year. One of my friends once collected a garage full of the stuff. It looked like a giant cotton ball had exploded. :S

Once I reached adulthood, my pollen allergies eased back a little–probably because I wasn’t playing outside as much–but I ended up developing some allergies and sensitivities to wheat, soy, and dairy. Allergies make cooking at my house an adventure.
(Although I’ve never been able to prove it, I’m also highly allergic to geometry. Just thinking about it makes my eyes water. :p)
How much schooling have you gone through?
I’m still going through it. 😉 I have an associate degree in general studies, and hope to go through med school in the future. I’ve discovered a love of Scottish Country Dance through a continuing education program. And as a home schooler, every day is an education.

What’s your favorite category of joke?
My favorite jokes would probably be classified as British humor. I love irony, satire, and the unexpected subtleties of the language. I love dry humor. There’s something about someone cracking a joke with a straight face that makes the joke even funnier. When I first started reading Jane Austen and J.R.R. Tolkien, I loved their stories and voices, but it wasn’t until I’d read their novels numerous times that the humor started filtering through. That’s part of what I love so much about their works–no matter how many times I read it, something new always pops out at me. I know that neither, J.R.R. Tolkien in particular, are considered humorists, but I adore the way they use language and viewpoint to capture the humor of the situation.

On my blog, I share my love of writing, reading, and fairy tales. I love meeting new people, so feel free to stop by and say hi! 🙂

It’s all fun & games until somebody starts a Blogfest!

June 6, 2011

It’s Blog-festing time!

Now, I had a fairly hard time picking just three games to feature here, and there’s entire categories that didn’t get represented. I’ll give a brief list of honorable mentions at the end of my post. But I’ve picked three games that have particular meaning to me, and that you might not be familiar with. Counting up to the top spot:

3) Heroes Unlimited.

I had to include a dice and paper RPG, and Heroes Unlimited may not be the best in any practical terms, but it’s the one that I have the fondest memories of playing, usually with my brother and his friends in one of their apartments. There’s something to be said for a game that allows you to become any of:

  • An alien
  • A bionic cyborg
  • A robot
  • A mutant
  • Somebody who got super-human powers from a scientific experiment
  • A wizard
  • The lucky owner of a magic weapon or artifact
  • Somebody who owns or operates a robotic exoskeleton
  • A weapons collector
  • An elite vehicles gearhead
  • A mutated animal.
  • A martial arts specialist
  • A super-detective

And probably a handful of other character classes that I’ve forgotten off the top of my head! The details may be a bit fuzzy now, but I can’t forget those crazy interdimensional adventures we dreamed up, with brave but somewhat morally challenged heroes battling to stop the Master Programmer!

2) Inspector Parker

A fairly simple computer game in scope, but one that I’ve loved for years and keep going back to when I want to while away a few minutes training up my brain. I discovered it while looking through the online yahoo games site, and ended up buying a licence for the desktop version. Read the rest of this entry »

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