A few more drawings

September 23, 2014

I picked up the sketchbook and drawing textbook again this weekend, so here’s what I managed to draw:

First off, an attempt to draw Peter Capaldi as Doctor Who, based on a still frame from near the beginning of “Robot of Sherwood.” I tried to do this a week earlier with a full-face portrait of Jenna-Louise Coleman as Clara, and gave up in the middle because I couldn’t get her to look anything like right. It’s possible my standards were too high for Jenna. This doesn’t really look like Capaldi, but at least I got myself to finish and it’s recognizably a man:

drawings 003

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I did it!

August 31, 2012

This morning, with the help of a word sprint, I got up to 50,006 words on my August Camp spreadsheet. Opened up all 5 chapter files, copied and pasted into the validator… and found out that Camp had given me an extra 362 words!


Not going to say much, because the Dragon*Con panels are going to start in a few minutes. Oh, one other thing. I went off to find breakfast this morning, and found out some interesting things:

  • Dairy Queen makes surprisingly good pancakes and bacon
  • For some reason they put a few bits of fried onion in the hash browns.
  • Apparently in Atlanta, all breakfast combos come with eggs.


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