The Runnymede Runaround – a picture file!

October 8, 2011

I may have mentioned the Runnymede Runaround before – the Toronto Script Frenzy/Nanowrimo crew meets every other Friday evening, year-round at a Starbucks Coffee near Bloor Street and Runnymede road, if the date is an odd number. They call it ‘Odd Fridays at Runnymede,’ or OFAR.

When I first found out about OFAR, during Script Frenzy, I plugged the Starbucks address into Google maps to see how I could best get there by public transit from work, and then how to get home. The routes I got make up the basis of the Runaround – an unusual loop-the-loop that takes me through Burlington, quickly across Oakville and Mississauga to Toronto, and back to Hamilton – without much retracing, particularly because of the way the GO train and bus routes work out.

So, I thought that yesterday, as I went on the Runaround, I’d take some pictures on my iPhone and show you a bit of what it was like.

First off, the morning commute goes more or less as normal – get out of my apartment, catch a bus across the street, which takes me into Burlington along the lakeshore. Then transfer to two other buses in Burlington, one which goes up Maple street and to the Burlington GO train station, and then another quick ride a few blocks to my office. (I didn’t take any photos during the morning.)

Left the office at twenty after four or so.

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How I miss you, Canada

July 1, 2011

Or at least, I think I will when this post is published, and Canada day comes. I’m writing nearly a week in advance, setting up blog material for the Kansas trip so that I don’t need to worry about going online to update the Kelworth files in the middle of the CSSF workshop.

But I’m going to be away from Canada for July 1st, probably for the first time since I was five or so, as far as I can remember. (That was the first big family trip to England in my life.)

It’s hard to pin down quite what Canada means to me, other than a kind of vague and fuzzy sense of ‘home-ness’. In my travels, the only other two countries I’ve ever been to have been the UK and the USA – neither of which are quite like Canada, true, but neither of them are really very far apart from us either. The UK is where a lot of my roots are, as well as a lot of Canadian roots in general, and the USA is our nearest neighbor, the source of most of the television and movies that I watch, and a lot of the books that I read. (Though you can’t entirely count out the Irish authors!)

To me, Canada is a maple dip donut at Tim Horton’s, and laid-back political discussions about proroguing and the NDP. It’s the CN tower in the Toronto skyline, the GO trains and VIA rail, and the funny one-way streets in Hamilton.

PS: I’m logging in from Kansas to post this, but can’t think of anything to add. Happy 144th birthday, Canada. Thanks for being there for all of us, and may you prosper for hundreds of years more.

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