Magic Manuscript – the first draft begins!

January 2, 2012

I need to come up with a better title – even a better temporary placeholder title – for this project than ‘Magic Manuscript.’ Oh well. It should occur to me soon.

I started writing my first-draft opening scene yesterday, with Will getting delivered the scroll in the loading docks of the Royal Ontario Museum in the dead of night – and Mandy dropping in by surprise to wish him luck. I think that it’s going about as well as I can expect a first draft to ever go. 😉

And I was working on character discovery snippets on Friday and Saturday – little 500-word scenes from the past of Will, and the third main character Emelia, to try to get a sense of their voice as characters. I put a lot of Greek references into Emelia’s discovery scene, and then, while working on her character sheet for the snowflake, ended up making her Irish instead of Greek, because it just didn’t seem to add up to have a Greek girl with curly blonde hair and freckles. 😀 Ah well, I don’t really need to rewrite it as it’s just discovery.

Have you started a new writing project, or a new stage in an existing writing project, with the new year?

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