Nanowrimo Spotlight: Kelly Palmer

October 30, 2014

Good evening everybody. Have I got another spotlight for you? Of course I do. Kelly can be found on the nano site as kelthehobbit, and that’s her blog address too. Here’s Kelly introducing her history with Nano:
This is my second year doing Nano. I’ve been wanting to do it for a couple years, but I didn’t have an original piece to work on so I thought I didn’t qualify. Then I was introduced to Nano Rebels and found out that there were lots of other people just like me who’d be bending the rules a little. Last year I finished 29K words on my novel, pushing me to finish it the following January.

What are you writing about this year?
The year I am continuing work my first novel. The first draft was completed in January and this November i‘m planning to complete a major rewrite/edit. It is called The Stone of Virtue and is the first book in what I intend to be The Fairies of Erdavol Trilogy. As you can guess from the the title this is a Fantasy, more specifically, a YA Fantasy. I have been working on this story for over a decade watching it change as I did over the years.

What is your favorite book – you have to pick just one!
That is so hard! If I have to pick just one I’d have to say The Hobbit. It was one of the first fantasy books I ever read and it was instrumental in helping discover who I was both as a person and a writer.

What advice would you give to all your fellow Wrimos?
Set aside time to write and make that time distraction free. No TV, no phone, no internet. Write in sprints. I found that Write or Die makes distraction free writing possible. Do a 20 to 30 minute sprint with no distractions, then take a 15 minute break where you can get online or do whatever else. Don’t go on unnecessary outings (dinner with friends, movies, shopping) until you’ve hit your daily goal. You can still have fun and do these things, just promise yourself you’ll do your writing for the day first.

Sneaky Ninja question! Do you have a job? If so, what’s it like?
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