Fan Expo ends with a LARP and a half!

August 29, 2011

It’s been well over 24 hours since I’ve been home now – didn’t post yesterday because I just felt worn out, but it was another great day, mostly full of LARP-ing. I did get Lexa Doig’s autograph and went to visit a writer friend in the gaming demo room, as well.

The first LARP I tried out was Shadow Realms. Because it was early in the day, and not very well publicized, there was only me and two sisters participating in the demo, and four members running it. I played a dark elf mage character, with a lot of complicated spells to try and memorize: “I cloud your mind to fumble!” …and a very weak-ass fire sword. There was a silly ice-breaker scene to get started with involving some kobolds in a sideshow run by a huckster, and then a more serious fight against goblins, which involved a lot of running around, throwing fumble spells, and then the goblins throwing their friends spare weapons and picking up the fumbled weapons when we couldn’t guard them anymore. But it was great. I’m sorry I didn’t think to have somebody take a picture of me in my blue wizard’s cloak.

The NERO Canada demo was much larger and more elaborate – I took a warrior class that time, who had two special one-use skills of parry and death blow, and the organized adventure had four different fight scenes – vine creatures in the forest, bats along a narrow cave ledge, (so the bats could fly in the open part of the room, but adventurers had to stay along the edges,) undead creatures summoned by standing on squared of a grid corridor, and a minotaur and living statues defending the villainess. I didn’t make that much account of myself with a sword, but our group outnumbered the monsters most of the time and were able to make use of that advantage even against powerful damage numbers.

One little tidbit of difference – with Shadow Realms, you shout your damage number with every swing, and with Nero, it’s only when you actually hit.

Once the Nero Canada demo wrapped up, I was ready to go home, so I checked for Eliza Dushku photos, (still not ready, hope it comes in the mail okay,) picked up my suitcase at the Fairmont luggage check, and headed over to Union Station.

And I got a Union Dairy Freeze: An ice cream headache brought on by buying a soft-serve cone and eating it all before boarding the next available bus.


Fan Expo continues: Friday memories.

August 26, 2011

Well, the lines and the crowds are back to a certain extent, but still not unmanageable.

I arrived around 9:30, and lost a little time trying to come in directly off the street instead of the south entrance, but still, wasn’t too far back in the entry line. Once I got inside and down to the main floor, I headed immediately for the Hayden Panettiere autograph line – only a few guys ahead of me, and neither a star or a handler in the booth, so I figured I’d wait around, hold a place in line and see if she’d arrive in twenty minutes or so, which she did, and she was quite nice as she signed my picture.

After that, I was also interested in getting an autograph from Lexa Doig of Andromeda, who was supposed to be around on Friday, but there was no sign of any life at her booth and nobody else waiting, so I went browsing through the vendors and checking back every so often, depleted most of the contents of my wallet on Joss Whedon comic books and a Doctor Who companions guide.

It turned out that Lexa had a flight delay and won’t be in Toronto until tomorrow – I found that out about five minutes after her Q&A was about to start. But at noon I headed up to check out a few panels – combining different worlds in writing, writing young fantasy, (which I left early to grab a slice of pizza,) and a presentation for a web series about girls in gaming, Pretty in Geek.

I had a little time to kill wandering around the sales floor again, wishing I had brought more money from the hotel, and then it was time for the Serenity RPG session, which was a lot of fun, we had a good crowd of players, the same great GM that I played with last year, and a storyline with flying a passenger and crate to Sihnon, then trying to track down the passenger for his ‘boss’ when he goes missing. I was the captain.

And despite an initially missed connections, I managed to meet up with two local writers after the con, and we ended up talking about pushing each other towards our goals and critiques over the loud music in a sports bar.

This has really been a great day. And tomorrow I’ll be meeting Eliza Dushku! (Weather and airplanes permitting.)

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