How to procrastinate on your Nano – the Lisa Simpson way!

November 24, 2011

So, I was really pleased to come back from San Fran and find a new writing and books-themed Simpsons episode on my DVR – ‘The Book Job.’ While Homer, Bart, and friends collaborate to churn out a soulless best-seller ripoff, Lisa vows that she’s going to write a personal book that readers will connect with. Most of what she does, though, is procrastinate. It’s a pretty good list of ways to not ever get a book written, in fact:

  • Swear to only write 2000 words, then stop ‘to pace yourself.’
  • Don’t write until you have music that inspires you playing.
  • Organize your CD collection.
  • Play online Boggle.
  • Take your laptop to a coffee shop.
  • Set up your Wi-Fi ‘in case you need to do research.’
  • Buy something out of a sense of obligation to the coffee shop.
  • Brag about how much you love being a writer.
  • Build a toy log house out of pencils.
  • Watch kitty videos on Youtube.
  • Build a model cathedral or castle out of pencils.
  • Stare out the window.
  • Rub your finger against the window.
  • Clean the window.
  • Clean the outside of the window with a makeshift platform lowered from the roof.
  • Watch the complete series of ‘Friday night lights’ on DVD.

Happy Thanksgiving to everybody in the USA!

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