Nanowrimo Spotlight: Dreaming of NaNoWriMo

November 28, 2015

Good evening! It’s late, and I’ve been doing a lot of word sprints today, but I’ve got a spotlight for you from Lidy, who you can find more from on weebly, wordpress, and twitter. Here’s Lidy on her Nanowrimo history:

This is my second year doing NaNoWriMo. I’ve always heard about the writing challenge done in November but had never participated until 2013. What compelled me to join that year was because of a dream I had. A dream about a teenage girl, a witch, who took the biggest risk of all. By outing herself as a witch to rescue the first friend she made in years. And I thought it’d be too much of a risk to let her just exist inside my dreams.

I had to write her story and the NaNoWriMo challenge helped me to do that. Then I skipped it the following year to participate in NaNonFiWriMo (National Nonfiction Writing Month). And now I’m back again, but doing things a little bit different. I’m just not writing one story but two and extending NaNoWriMo until December 30th. The first and current story is a romance novel. And the second story is a young adult urban and portal fantasy novella. This year, I’m disregarding word count. And just focusing on writing the rough drafts of each. Fixing plot holes, pacing, characterization, etc. after NaNoWriMo.

With two years of NaNoWriMo and one year of NaNonFiWriMo, my best experiences were always the people. Meeting people who were just like me. Who had a story to tell. And all of us coming together in solidarity to do one thing. Tell a story that only we can tell.

What are you writing about this year?
This year, I’m writing my first contemporary romance novel. It’s your typical boy re-meets girl, but girl tries to run away and is in denial of her feelings. So boy chases girl. There’s a lot of crossed love lines going on, a love pentagon actually and as I’ve realized myself lately. My second story is about an inner city girl who always dreamed of something bigger and better. And getting out of the ghetto. All the while not realizing that the amazing dreams she has were actually visits to other worlds. And she’s just about to get what she wished for and not in a good way.

What is your favorite movie – you have to pick just one!
There’s too many to choose but when it comes to favorite movies, I’m an 80s girl. But for the sake of picking of just one, I’d have to say that┬ámy favorite is Ghostbusters.

What advice would you give to all your fellow Wrimos?
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