Weekend Writing Warriors – Time Bubble Blues 12

April 28, 2013

Good morning! I think these are the last eight sentences I’m going to share from ‘Time Bubble Blues.’ Next week, I’ll move on to something new, possibly fresh snippets from “The Aurigae Express.” So I’m going to skip ahead out of the flashback with Mindy and show Jack still trying to think his way out of the box.


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Using the schematics for the TimeBubble room on his computer, Jack was able to find the Master Panic Button circuits, which were hidden in a metal box attached to the ceiling. Jack unscrewed the side panels of the box, and examined the control board. He wasn’t an electronic engineer, but nothing in the circuit seemed to be damaged, and all the right indicators were glowing green: POWER, NETWORK, WIRELESS, and STANDBY FOR SIGNAL. Jack fished out the Panic Button hanging from his belt, and stuck his thumb down on it, hard. The indicators for WIRELESS SIGNAL ACTIVE and RELAY lit up, just as they were supposed to.

And still the door didn’t open.

What was the next step in the process? The Panic Button Circuit relayed to the time warp controls, to collapse the bubble.

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