What’s up Wednesday, mid-October version

October 16, 2013

Hey, everybody, I’m not sure how often I’m going to be participating in What’s Up Wednesday over the next month and a half; probably depends on how many more Nano spotlights I get. But I’m here this time.

ROCKETBORDERWhat I’m reading:

Finished “Tricked” from the library, loved the ending. Sometime soon I’m going to have to start Iron Druid #5; there was a teaser for “Trapped” at the end of “Tricked” and Granuale is finally finishing her druid studies!

Trying to catch up on Asimov’s magazine stories now, and listening to “Heechee Rendezvous” on my iPhone. Love me some Robinette Broadhead and Heechee alien adventure.

Still rereading one of the incomplete drafts that I’m going to be finishing in November: “A Witch of Arion” has been read, and I’m nearly at the awkward cliffhanger in “The Aurigae Express”

What I’m writing:

Steampunk Roswell 51 has been drafted and it’s out to the Team Ambitious critique group. I haven’t started writing anything else; it was a little draining, so I’m concentrating on reading the stories that I have to critique, tackling a few other items from my October to-do list, and getting ready for Nano.

What inspires me right now:

It’s less than half a month until November! I can feel the creative energy rising already.

What else I’ve been up to:

Still learning what I can do with the Nexus tablet. Spent a lot of time with family over the Thanksgiving long weekend. Organizing all my various book collections, including contacting Brilliance Audio to re-download “The Skies of Pern”, which I’d managed to lose my DRM-authorized copies of along the way. They were very helpful about that.

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This is what’s up. On a wednesday

October 9, 2013

Hey, everybody, What’s Up Wednesday time again. I missed last week, because IWSG also falls on Wednesdays, so what can ya do? Ooh, looks like this is my #900th post, cool!

ROCKETBORDERWhat I’m reading:

I’ve been “Tricked” and I love it! 🙂 I’ve been reading the fourth book in the Iron Druid, (which is named ‘Tricked’ mostly on account of the Trickster god Coyote who takes a prominent role,) on my new Nexus 7 tablet. It took about five minutes from the moment I got the notification that the e-book was available at my library to set up the Overdrive app and download from the library website. Very cool.

I’ve also started rereading the incomplete drafts that I’m going to be finishing in November: “A Witch of Arion” and “The Aurigae Express”

What I’m writing:

Steampunk Roswell 51 is underway. Hopefully I should have the first draft finished by Monday morning so I can send it in to Team Ambitious for critiques. I’ve actually been getting a lot of writing done on the bus this week, and also made good headway over at Williams this past weekend with Elizabeth Twist. I’m looking forward to Nano write-ins already!

What inspires me right now:

Wrimos from around the world, especially the ones who’ve volunteered to be interviewed. All the cool stuff coming up on the Nanowrimo website. And my friends Elizabeth and Rhonda, who are participating in a library reading in Hamilton this weekend!

What else I’ve been up to:

Playing with the Nexus tablet, including plenty of angry birds and watching videos on the bus. Writing a critique for the start of a critters manuscript involving archeologists excavating the WW1 trenches, a cool idea. Drawing and doing some more programming and still reorganizing my music collection. :]

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IWSG: Getting back to drafting

October 2, 2013

IWSGHey there! It’s time for the September 2013 edition of the Insecure Writers Support Group! First of all, I’m excited to report that I crossed almost everything off my September to-do list before I went to bed on Monday evening, including submitting a story! A revised version of “Tough Love’ has been entered for Writers of the Future!

But I’m still feeling like I haven’t been accomplishing as much as I’d like to in terms of writing and revising. I only got a little over 1000 new words written in September, finishing off one story and starting another.

I’m taking a break from the Team Ambitious critiquing this week and next. (I’m not the only one. Somebody decided that submitting to WOTF was an acceptable substitute for submitting a new story to be critiqued.) And I’ve resolved to get the first draft of ‘Steampunk Roswell 51’ finished by the morning of Canadian Thanskgiving. I want to do some serious revision on ‘Love is a Masterpiece’ or ‘Gotta Have that Look’ too.

If only I can avoid spending all my time for the next two weeks playing with my new Nexus 7 tablet. 😉

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