Send your Inner Editor on a nice November vacation

October 31, 2011

Inspired by my incredible Hamilton ML, Gale, I have decided to go on a new tack with Inner Editor control for this year. I’m sending him off for fun in the sun.

After all, I’ve been working him pretty hard for most of the year. We’ve got most of the details sorted out. After finishing a rewrite and a guest blog post for Chris Eboch this evening, Editor is going to be getting up before me tomorrow, and taking the shuttle over to Pearson to catch his flight. He’s booked for the whole month at some reasonably nice resort in the Bahamas. And because I know that he couldn’t really relax and have fun without some sentences to tinker with, he’s packing lots of my writing – past Nanos, screenplays, short stories, even my old fanfic. But if he tries to call me up and tell me ANYTHING about it, I’ll find a way to make him pay dearly.

This is probably not an approach that everybody could take with their Inner Editors. Many are too wily and competitive to simply go away for Nanowrimo, or at least, they might not go for it THIS year. But my IE and I have been through this before, and I think he’s learned that he can’t derail me during November. We’ll see how it goes, but I’m excited about this idea.

I just hope that the Bahamas Nanowrimo group doesn’t try to send him back because he goes and messes with THEIR masterpieces!

Off in Summertown…

August 6, 2010

I’m taking my summer vacation at the moment, at a resort hotel near Huntsville, Ontario. Coming back home to the Golden Horseshoe next Tuesday.

Today was fairly exciting and eventful – finished backing and left early, taking the city buses up to the Burlington GO transit station, GO train into Toronto Union station, and getting my tickets for the Northlander train to Huntsville.

The plan from there was to hang around Huntsville for most of the afternoon, walking around, grabbing lunch and an early dinner, and maybe picking up some snacks at a grocery store, before finding a taxi to take me out to the resort, since I wasn’t sure if I’d want to pay for a taxi to take me into town once I was out here, until it was time to check out and take the train home, and there didn’t seem to be much else around the hotel aside from its own restaurant and sports facilities, as far as I could tell.

That plan worked out well enough, actually, despite the train station being in a different place than I’d found searching the company name on google maps. (Didn’t realize that there was also an Ontario Northland bus depot.) Took some good pictures around Huntsville.

Taxi driver dropped me off at the resort reception area, I went up to the front desk, with my smallish wheeled suitcase, my smaller laptop bag, and my snacks, and told them my name. This was the last point in the process at which I expected a problem.

At first, they couldn’t seem to find me, and then, checking the expedia records, the girl said that my reservation was for July 5th – which at first she thought was yesterday, and then clued in that it was a month ago. “Do you have a printout of your reservation?’

No, I didn’t. Sometimes I print it out, but not always, because I never seem to need it, hehe.

“Well, we can book you in for two nights, but that’s it. We’re full up on Saturday night.”

I didn’t really like this, but I agreed, partly because I wanted to have a room where I could unwind, get online, figure out what had happened, and especially if I’d managed to book the hotel online for the wrong month and NOT NOTICE. I do have a little history of absent-minded mistakes of that sort, but this would take the cake for stupidity, or at least be a contender with mistakes that were not date-based at all.

So, the girl ran my credit card, handed me key-cards and told me where to find my room, and I booted up my netbook computer, checked my google mail, reset my expedia password so I could log in, because I didn’t have the expedia password saved on the netbook.

The reservation was definitely for August 5th-10th. I even had a reminder that was sent on August 1st.

Called the expedia toll-free number, waited on hold for over half an hour without getting anyone live, and then gave up in frustration. Sigh. Called the front desk and mentioned that I’d found the confirmations in my email, and I could take the netbook to them and show it to them if that would help sort things out.

“Actually, I’ll give you the hotel’s email address, if you can forward the emails to us.”

So I did, and she said that she’d call me when there was any news. So I chatted online with some friends, blowing off a little frustrated steam, and worked on writing some new words for the day. Still anxious about what was going to happen, and what I would do if I couldn’t stay past Saturday, especially since the Northlander train doesn’t run on Saturday, so I couldn’t just go home at that point – at least, not using the other half of my open-ended round trip ticket.

Finally, I anxiously called the expedia toll-free again, and to my surprise got through to somebody in under five minutes. I gave my itinerary number and explained the situation, and I have to say, this guy was the man you’d want in your corner when you have a misunderstanding with a hotel. “Alright, I’ve emailed and faxed our copy of the reservation to the resort, and if it’s okay, I’d like to put you on hold for just a little while and call the front desk myself, and I’ll be back with you once we’ve had that little chat.”

So I waited on hold with a bit more hope and less anxiety, and Expedia guy comes back a little more than five minutes later. “Yeah, it’s all set up. You’ll have to switch to another room, but you can stay for the full reservation. Is there anything else I can help you with today?”

“Not really, you’ve been great.”

So, at this point, I figured I would be moving presently to my new room until Tuesday morning, so I ran around for a little while repacking and getting ready for that. After that was done, I called the front desk, to ask if there was any update on sorting out my missing reservation. (I didn’t mention talking to Expedia guy.)

“Yes, we’ve got a plan, but the room you’re in now is booked for starting Saturday night. So you’ll have to pack your things and come to the front desk Saturday morning, I’ve had a cancellation, so we can move you into another room then.”

Well, that wasn’t what I’d expected, but I’ll take it happily. (Assuming of course, that it isn’t just a clever ruse to get me out of the room on Saturday so that security can throw me off their property more conveniently, which is probably a pretty paranoid thought.)

I’ll make sure to include a resort reservation update on Sunday. And one more minor thought.

The word ‘prerogative’ does not look right to me that way, nor sound right pronounced as it is spelled. Up until today, I seriously thought that the word was spelled and said as ‘perogative’, and I’m not quite willing to let go of that. Who else, (besides Britney Spears,) is with me??

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