Nanowrimo 2013 Recap

December 2, 2013

Hi there, friends and followers, it’s me again! I know I’ve been updating you every Wednesday, but still it seems like I haven’t had a chance to just share on this blog since I started the Nano Spotlights. So…

I had such a blast doing nano this year! My region is so awesome, I was running around doing four write-ins most week, having a great time with fellow writers, cheering each other on. We did an Intra-region challenge this year, central Hamilton versus East/South versus West/North. The West/North tribe won by a small margin; I was on the East/South team, which took an early lead and then fell behind badly, but I don’t care, I had fun anyway.

I’d planned to do a ‘Triangle of Rebellion’, finishing two Camp Nano books and starting sample chapters for a third novel manuscript. That took me to 50k, and then in the last week I wrote a short story and started another one, turning my triangle into a very irregular pentagon. Here’s the breakdown of my sixty thousand words and change, by project:

  • Opening chapters for “Measuring Alien Love on a Kitchen Scale”: 26,078 words
  • Ending for “The Aurigae Express”: 19,232 words
  • Ending for “The Witches of Arion”: 5,492 words
  • “Soldiers”, complete short story draft: 7,248 words
  • Opening scenes of “Beauty”, (the short story with the horses): 1,975 words

Let’s see, what else can I tell you about? November started in a kinda strange way, as I’d known it would, thanks to the Reversed Polarity Doctor Who convention in Toronto. Read the rest of this entry »

What’s up Wednesday, September the twenty-fifth

September 25, 2013

My second week for the  What’s Up Wednesday blog hop, checking in and spreading some encouragement for keeping at the writing thing. So:

ROCKETBORDERWhat I’m reading:

Finished new issue of F&SF magazine on my kindle, and started a new Audible book, the first in the Secret Circle series. I actually started reading that via Kindle on my Android, over a year ago, but couldn’t really follow it, so I decided to start it again as an audiobook.

What I’m writing:

Well, let’s see. I’ve been outlining some ideas for the Steampunk Roswell thing, and editing some stories! A revised version of “Love is a Masterpiece” should be heading out to the workshop tonight, so if you’re a critter, please look for it and give me some feedback! I’ve also spent some time wrestling with revision plans for “Gotta Have That Look”, and I’m bound and determined to submit “Tough Love” this week, possibly to “Writers of the Future.”

What inspires me right now:

Castle’s back on the air, and “Agents of Shield” have landed! Also just loving the google hangouts thing; going to join in a Nanowrimo hangout tomorrow.

What else I’ve been up to:

Still ‘Drawing on the Right Side’ of my brain. Think I’ve got the last bugs out of the Android Song Rater for now. Planning for Nanowrimo and attending the Reversed Polarity Doctor Who convention in Toronto, which they annoyingly scheduled for the first 3 days in November. 😛

What about you? Click here to join the hop or check in with some other great writers.

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