Weekend Writing Warriors – Measuring Alien Love on a Kitchen Scale 2

December 15, 2013

Welcome friends, followers, and Weekend Writing Warriors!

This week, I’m continuing on directly from last week’s excerpt from my Nano. A lot of you commented with curiosity about the introduction of Doomah, so hopefully this snippet will shed some light!


Snippet 1

The conversation where I’d joked with Tommy about him setting me up with Vanessa flashed through my mind. I’d been prepared for Vanessa to bring a man to dinner with me, or even a woman, and was generally ready to take either as a sign that she just wanted to be friends with me and wasn’t interested in a new romance.

I certainly hadn’t expected that her significant other would be a freakin’ alien.

“So, umm, nice to meet you, Si– citizen.” I put a hand out towards the Libran, unable to remember if that was considered good manners with them. Hell, after being blindsided with this, I could be excused for a little well-intentioned rudeness, couldn’t I?

I have no idea about the genetic standards of attractiveness for Librans, but Doomah seemed to be well put together, as far as I could stretch human esthetic standards. It, or he, (she?) had a generally narrow frame and long arms that were always gracefully in motion.

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Weekend Writing Warriors – Measuring Alien Love on a Kitchen Scale 1

December 8, 2013

Welcome friends, followers, and Weekend Writing Warriors!

Thanks for all the great comments on ‘Return to Civilization!’ But I’m going to switch to one of the rough drafts that I was working on in Nano this year. This is from the scene where Gordon, my MC, is meeting Vanessa for dinner; he met her at the Earthling chamber of commerce a few scenes earlier.


“Hey, Gordon, you’re here already!”

I looked up to see Vanessa, dressed in a bright red dress with a miniskirt hem, long sleeves, and a high collar, with little cut-outs around the shoulder. She had her hair gathered up into a poufy tail behind her head. “Um, yeah, I wanted to get here early to scout out the place by myself,” I admitted, and checked the chrono on the table menu. “You thought you’d be the first to get here early?”

She chuckled. “Yeah, I guess so. Gordon Wyatt, I’d like you to meet Doomah.”

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Weekend Writing Warriors – Return to Civilization 3

December 1, 2013

Welcome friends, followers, and Weekend Writing Warriors!

Continuing with snippets from my science fiction story ‘Return to Civilization.’ Andy is a space prospector who’s just returned home with the co-ordinates of a ‘jackpot’ planet.


Snippet 1 Snippet 2

As he approached Check-in, the communicator sprang to life again. “Unidentified vessel, match our course at a distance between 100 meters and 5 kilometres. Do you understand, and will you comply?”

“Yes, this is the Yukon Stranger, acknowledging receipt and I will comply. Hey, is Rebecca Stern still working there?” Becky’s name brought back memories of warm nights and cold days; she’d asked him to stay and move in with her, but he couldn’t resist the temptation to go prospecting again, looking for his big score. . .

“Query not recognized. Term ‘Rebecca Stern’ unknown.”

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Weekend Writing Warriors – Return to Civilization 2

November 24, 2013

Welcome friends, followers, and Weekend Writing Warriors!

Continuing with snippets from my science fiction story ‘Return to Civilization.’ Andy is a space prospector who’s just returned home with the co-ordinates of a ‘jackpot’ planet.


Snippet 1

“Greetings, outgoing vessel. This is the Yukon Stranger, incoming. I hope your check-out wasn’t stressful.”

There was a long pause, and Andy wondered if anybody was listening. Then a gruff answer came. “Intraship messaging within the border zone for non-emergency calls is a clear violation of protocol, Yukon Stranger.”

“Sorry. Last time I checked out, it wasn’t against the rules to message an outgoing ship, inquire about their destination and wish them good luck.” But that had been a long time ago.

“Understood, Yukon Stranger.”

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Weekend Writing Warriors – Return to Civilization 1

November 17, 2013

Welcome friends, followers, and Weekend Writing Warriors!

I’m going to start snippets from a new story this week, one that I just submitted to a magazine a few weeks ago. These eight sentences are from the start, and I don’t think they need any set-up. (I hope.)


Andy pressed the red button and the stars popped back into existence around his ship, with Sol visible as a distant yellow marble. It had taken him twelve years of solitary wandering, but he’d found a jackpot: a beautiful planet perfect for human settlement, already growing great food, with uranium and silver deposits ready to mine. The bounty would be enough to set him up for life on any planet he liked. He might even go back to Jackpot once it was through its pioneer years–even if they wouldn’t let him call it Jackpot.

First things first; he had to stay awake through check-in. The radar display on the flight console showed two blips. One was drifting near the edge of the display; the other was quite a bit closer, accelerating vaguely in his direction.

He turned the radio on.

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Follow Fest

September 26, 2013

Well, I seem to be following Natasha Hanova to some interesting blogfests recently, and one of these is the Follow Fest 2013! Check the linky lists to find tons more great authors.

Name: Chris Kelworth
Fiction or nonfiction? Fiction, if you please!
What genres do you write? Mostly science fiction and fantasy. I’ve dabbled in modern romantic comedy, I guess.
Are you published? Nope. Need to submit my writing places for that. 😉
Do you do anything in addition to writing?
Well, I do a lot of other things, but not really ‘writing biz’ stuff.
Where can people connect with you?
Right here at https://kelworthfiles.wordpress.com/ , and there are options in the sidebar to follow me via wordpress.com or NetworkedBlogs
You can follow me on twitter @ChrisKelworth
Facebook doesn’t do the follow thing, but you can friend me on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/chris.kelworth
Is there anything else you’d like us to know? If you’re doing Nanowrimo this year, I’m going to be looking for new Nano spotlight interview participants soon!

So far, Goal, and a little Motivation…

October 4, 2012

Well, I started reading through Debra Dixon’s “Goal, Motivation & Conflict: The Building Blocks of Good Fiction” this morning. It’s not a long book – a hundred and sixty-some pages, eleven chapters and a few appendices. I’m already finished the first two chapters – an introduction, and the chapter about goals. And I’m about halfway through chapter three, about motivations. (You only get one guess what chapter four is 😉 )

So far, it’s great stuff. The one thing I’m slightly disappointed in is that Debra doesn’t try to give a long example list of possibilities for character goals etcetra, but what she’s doing is at least as good – she gives some in-depth examples from touchstone movies like The Wizard of Oz and Casablanca, and a lot of helpful guidelines about what a goal needs to DO to be effective, why they work and why they might not, and so on. I’m learning a lot and loving it.

And my Nanowrimo idea is starting to come together already. I’m thinking of doing a science fiction YA story about a teenager living on a distant planet, who finds out that his parents have mortgaged his life to a corporation to finance their little souvenir stand; if they don’t pay off the loan by his eighteenth birthday, he’ll have to go up out of the tunnels to the forbidding planetary surface and work for the Corporation there. And he doesn’t believe his parents can raise the money in time, so he has to do it himself. That’s a strong goal, right? He’s motivated by not wanting to die young, working for the Corporation, and dreaming of doing more with his life, seeing the galaxy. There’s urgency, because if he can’t raise the money in time, the corporation doesn’t have to sell him his freedom.

Adjusting to Kansas once again.

June 25, 2012

So, I’ve been in Lawrence, Kansas for something like 18 hours now – arrived yesterday afternoon, in an airport shuttle with a very cool driver who’s a Science Fiction fan – we chatted about Doctor Who, Larry Niven, and Heinlein for the whole hour. 🙂 And I’m starting to get acclimatized.

Our housing for this year is definitely not like Templin, third floor – which looked very much the part of an institutional dorm residence – the soft pastel walls, the cheap prefab furniture, the open lounge space in the elevator lobby. This year we have Krehbiel hall to ourselves – the workshoppers and our writer in retreat. And parts of Krehbiel look like a rambling manor home than a dormitory – not the bedrooms themselves, but the downstairs lounge where Short Fiction will be doing our critique circle, and the hallways and stairs, the billiard table room, and a few other places. It’s weird but fun.

I’ve been up to the Kansas Union, and walked downtown a few times, and there’s really more interesting stuff within easy walking distance than last year. I can hardly wait.

Six Sentence Sunday – The Shuttle 6

June 10, 2012

First six. Second six. Third six. Fourth six. Fifth six.

Thanks for all of your comments last week. A mysterious passenger has just confronted Dara in the cockpit about their dangerous predicement…

“Good afternoon, Captain Klein,” he said. “I thought about asking to meet you earlier in the flight, but you looked as if you had enough on your mind. I’m Lieutenant Commander Simon Twain, Star Patrol.”

“Well, it’s very nice to meet you, Commander. But I’m sorry to say that I’ve got more on my mind than ever, so I don’t exactly think that this is the best time for the social niceties…”

“Then I’ll get straight to business,” Twain said, before she could finish the brush-off.

Any comments very gratefully appreciated! I’m actually working on revisions of ‘The Shuttle’ this weekend, to submit it for an in-depth critiquing at the CSSF workshop later this month.

Six Sentence Sunday – The Shuttle 5

June 3, 2012

First six. Second six. Third six. Fourth six.

Thanks very much for all your comments so far. I’m going to skip over some routine emergency procedures stuff and pick up where things start to go off procedure.

Dara kept busy asking for more information on the Rescue and Recovery timeline, checking on their orbital status and all the ship’s systems other than the main engine. She was taken by surprise when an unfamiliar figure signaled at the cockpit door. That tall, dark man wasn’t in the cabin crew, but he moved with some authority in free-fall.

Instead of pressing any panic buttons, Dara let the door slide open. “Can I help you, sir?”

Mister dark-skinned and handsome floated smoothly through the cockpit hatch.

Thanks in advance for your comments!

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