H is for Horror

April 9, 2012

The Script Frenzy A-Z so far…

A lot of people write horror scripts of one kind or another in Script Frenzy, and I tracked down a few of them down to talk about why.

The-raging-clarinetist wanted to do a script with an Eldritch abomination. “I like HP Lovecraft’s Colour Out of Space a lot, and the Slender Man Mythos, and Homestuck, and SCP Foundation, and I decided I wanted to write a horror story, with some sort of eldritch abomination in it cause they’re cool. Like, really awesome. I’d totally shag the Colour.”

Her cosmic horror creature is gray and formless, floating out in space, and it intensifies what the main characters want to the point of insanity – except for leaving one character alone as the only sane person in the asylum. So, not content to be a cosmic horror, the formless gray is also an immensely powerful jerk. 🙂

Miss Hannibal Gray-Napier is writing a serial killer story, but hates how dumb her protagonists have become, sparking a discussion in the Genre Lounge referencing the original Halloween. She told me that the writing is going well so far, though; she’s finished setting up the premise, and can now have fun killing people.

“There’s so many frightening things about my serial killer… I’d have to say that the scariest thing about her is that it eventually turns out that she’s been quite close to the main character throughout the movie. Just goes to show that you can’t trust anyone, which, in my mind, is far more frightening than any brutal murder or psychological torture.”

JimmyRichards was inspired to write a zombie movie because he thinks that they’re the perfect post-modern monster, and is attempting to write something better than Diary of the Dead.

“The scariest thing about this flick isn’t really the creatures, its the setting. I’m setting the whole thing in a big hotel, so there’s lots of quite narrow corridors and doors for grabbing arms to pop out of so it makes for a really claustrophobic experiences.”

Have you ever tried writing anything in the horror genre? What’s the scariest thing you could think of to write about?

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