Nano Spotlight: Shea Koshan

October 17, 2013

Good morning! I’ve got lots of spotlights to share with you, so say hello to Shea Koshan.

Nanowrimo Experience:
This is my ninth year doing Nanowrimo. I first found out about it because a friend of mine on a Harry Potter RP forum told me she was doing it, but I didn’t join in until a year or two later. My best memory from Nanowrimo so far was telling people to throw a fridge when they said they had writer’s block and then it turned into a thing. If you ever wondered where Timmy got it from, I kinda played a part in that. I’m not sorry.

What are you writing about this year?
I don’t know yet! I now run a poll every year to decide what I’m going to write. On October 25th, when the poll closes, I find out what I’m writing as decided by the internet.

Who’s the best character in your Nano novel?
I don’t know yet! I do have five in the running, though, so I’ll talk about the main character from each story with minimal spoilers.

Mirabella is delightfully terrible as a person. She is very self centered and thinks of things in terms of what she wants. She’s ambitious and wants everything, not thinking about who she steps on in order to get it. She can talk her way into most things she wants and, while she’s willing to get her hands dirty, she won’t if she can convince someone else to do it for her. She’s also fairly short-sighted and doesn’t think too much on anything if things are going her way.

Escaping Reality 
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