H is for the Hitch-hiking Hologram

April 9, 2014

For the A to Z challenge this year, I’m sharing science fiction and fantasy story ideas…

I rather like this one. I picture it in space, at a time when ships routinely carry holo-projectors with elaborate computer processing cores, a little like the holodecks in Star Trek.

One independent AI travels by transferring from ship to ship and entertaining or teaching the passengers on board each… until she hops onto a ship whose owners have something much darker in mind for her.

They may try to rape her, in a virtual reality environment where she hasn’t been granted rights to shut down her avatar. They might want to tear apart her program to sell it  off, isolating subroutines as non-sentient software, blanking out everything that might make her resist their plans or suspect them, even trick her into making copies of herself!

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