Nano Spotlight: John Reinhard Dizon

November 30, 2013

Hey there! It’s the last day of November, so this is going to be my last Nano Spotlight. I’d like to thank all of my spotlight authors, those who volunteered to be alternates, and those who I wasn’t able to publish this year. Now let’s have a big virtual hand for John!

lI saw numerous posts about NaNoWriMo and finally decided to give it a whirl. Considering I had been sitting on “Soldiers” for two decades, I figured it would give me the kick in the pants I needed. Plus, I’d been sitting in my think-tank man-cave for so long, I thought it would be nice to get in touch with humanity again. That was the redeeming social value. At the writers’ meeting, I was pleased to share time with six young writers who restored my faith in the human race! They were so vibrant, intelligent and filled with great ideas that it titillated my soul. NaNoWriMo is bringing together the artists of tomorrow and giving them a platform upon which to launch the inspiration and visions of the next generation.

What are you writing about this year?
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Rewriting a story in four days.

September 10, 2010

I’ve been wanting to get back to talking about writing here on the blog, so here’s a good bit to blather on about, I think. Rewriting an incomplete story idea from scratch.

I’ve had the idea for this ‘alien landing’ story for going on a year now, I think – I did a starting paragraph for it based on a challenge at Stringing Words in October of 2009, (wow, didn’t realize it was that long until I looked it up,) and I started my first draft in May of this year. It was going pretty well – four scenes, 3200 words, and then it just kind of ran into the ground at the point that the alien attacked the human soldiers.

The basic premise, by the way, is that an alien ship lands on Earth, damaged from a battle with other aliens – they need help to fix the ship, but they’ve still got powerful weapons that can hold their own against anything the Army throws against them, so both sides are forced to bargain in the end.

I asked other writers for feedback on what I had so far – I read it for the Hamilton Writers’ group on June 1st, I think, and got some interesting perspectives, including how soldiers should talk in a much grittier and fouler fashion, and some encouragement, but I still wasn’t sure how to continue, and put it aside to focus on other things, like the CreateSpace draft of ‘The Long Way Home’, JulNoWrimo… and starting my blog.

In August, I submitted the two longer scenes in CritMo, and the crits that I got managed to perfectly clarify what I needed to go. Over and over again, they kept repeating, ‘I like Doctor Juddman, I like the alien, I like the language stuff, I don’t care about the two army commanders butting heads.’

So I did a page one rewrite, telling the entire story in Doctor Juddman’s point of view, how he was whisked out of his office at UBC to go talk to an alien, and what happened after the alien attacked him and held him captive for nearly 24 hours in his spaceship.

It’s still a rough draft at this point, 5400 words, but it’s a complete first draft, and I’m happy about it. Thinking about taking this one to Hamilton Writers this week, to see what they think of the difference.

Do any of you readers have a story to share about rewriting stories quickly?

And thank you very much for the awards, Brittany. I’ll talk more about those soon – hopefully Saturday.

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