Weekend Writing Warriors – Time Bubble Blues #3

February 24, 2013

Good morning, friends and followers. Thanks to everybody who shared positive thoughts on last week’s snippet from Time Bubble Blues. Jack is still stuck in pretty hot water…


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He’d spent, what was it, nearly a month in this room, going out into normal time for one or two events every day of his time, watching his grandchildren grow two years older in that time, like a stop-motion of a tree sapling with the weeks passing by in seconds.

Was his family at the TimeBubble facility already? Was Andrew waiting and pacing as technicians worked to extract him from the malfunctioning room? Or had nobody remembered to come pick him up?


Of all the kids, Andrew had been the only one who didn’t like the idea in the first place. “It doesn’t seem natural, Dad,” he’d said, when Jack brought him all the papers and the brochure from TimeBubble, Inc. “I know that you’re scared, but…”

“This isn’t about scared,” Jack snapped.

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