Ninja Spotlight #8: Carolyn Brown

August 2, 2012

Hello to you all, friends and followers. First spotlight of the week, first spotlight of the month, please help me give a big hand to Carolyn Brown!

What is your most prized possession?
I like my technology, so I would have to say my laptop!  It holds my world in its silicon brain!

What is your favorite genre to write in?
I love to write Paranormal, Fantasy Romance targeted for the New Adult age group.  I find I can be a bit of a cross genre writer and sometimes add bits of sci-fi into the mix.

What’s you beverage of choice while writing?
Mostly water, sometimes a glass of wine or two and an occasional coffee.  I try to limit my coffee intake to a maximum of two glasses a day, but I find it hard to pass up a cappuccino.

I haven’t been a Ninja for very long and am overwhelmed by the support the Ninja’s give each other. I came across Ali Cross’s site one day and joined up and soon after entered a competition on her blog which won me personal ‘Branding’ advice from Ali – a lucky score! I have followed her advice and I am so glad that I did! Thanks once again Ali!

I have started adding pieces of flash fiction to Friday#Flash most weeks on my blog and I have just released the cover art of my second book in The Protector Series, titled: He Came For Mine”.  It is a New Adult Paranormal Romance which continues on the story of Jazz and Sebastian’s fated love story!

If you are interested in helping a fellow Ninja please sign up for the Blog Hop to be held during the first week of October, 2012.  If you do participate, you will receive a free copy of “He Came For Mine” upon its release!

Thanks Chris for asking me to participate and having me on your Blog.

Thanks for coming, Carolyn!

Spotlight: Orlando Ramos

August 19, 2011

I think it’s time for another spotlight, so I’ll introduce you to somebody who’s left me many nice comments over the past few months, Orlando Ramos.

Orlando’s got some interesting things to say about television, movies, technology in culture, and what to take out of your writing. (Literally, as in what to remove, not what you can learn from it.) Plus, he’s obviously a nice guy!

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