Update – what I’ve been reading lately.

September 10, 2011

What I was reading earlier.

Hey there. Thought it was time for another update on my readings and such.

  • I finished “The Prisoner of Azkaban” two weeks ago, and loved the ending! Time-turners for the win, and what a little zinger Harry gets to give Uncle Vernon right at the end! I have to admit, I let myself get pulled astray a little by a few half-understood spoilers, because until the truth was revealed I was wondering the whole time if it were possible that Professor Lupin and Sirius Black were the same person.
  • As mentioned, I finished “The Light Fantastic” in one day at Fan Expo. Thatsa lot of reading in lines. Discworld is great stuff!
  • Started “Tehanu” in the Earthsea series, which I’ve heard a lot of not-so-complimentary things about, and I’m really enjoying it, even though if it’s a little less epic than the other Earthsea books. Also “The Rock Rats”, by Ben Bova, sequel to “The Precipice” which I heard via audible.com – also interesting, though I’m hoping that we get some stealth suit hijinks soon and Martin Humphries gets another slap in the face somehow.
  • Speaking of audible.com, I just finished listening to “The Ring of Solomon” and enjoyed that a lot too. Jonathan Stroud lived up to the previous Bartimaeus trilogy, even without being able to draw on any of the human characters from previous books. It was a little disorienting, I have to say, to be living in a historic Israel that didn’t bear much resemblance to the Bible stories except for a few names and facts in common.
  • Read through all of ‘Buffy Omnibus Seven’ (the graphic novels that came before Season Eight) on the plane to and from Atlanta.
  • Still working on “King Kelson’s Bride” and “The Gripping Hand.” I guess that’s it for now.

What, if anything, have you been reading lately?

PS: I just noticed something. There is a kinduv spoiley link in the Wikipedia article for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I won’t say which character, to avoid being spoiley myself, but if you click on the name of this character, who appears quite benign in the first two and a half books of the series, you end up at the article for ‘Death Eater’, and even if you haven’t managed to hear anything about the Death Eaters, the picture really makes it clear that they’re not the good guys. 😉

Fan Expo day three update

August 27, 2011

Well, it was all about Eliza Dushku and Lost Girl, it turns out. Not that either has anything to do with the other beyond sharing my time today.

I was in line by 8:45 to get in, and so I arrived at the autograph booths close enough to ten AM to get the number 67 ticket. They’re using a new system of number tickets in addition to the lines for autographs this year, it seems – once the space allocated for the line is full, anyone else has to get a ticket, and they call a certain block of numbers that can come and join the line when there’s room. So once the easel said ‘up to 75’ next to Eliza’s line, I rushed forward to take my place. If you miss the call for your block, you can use your ticket to join the line later.

Got plenty of good stuff, both for myself and for a friend who’s also a big Eliza fan. Then it was up to the Lost Girl panel, which was really cool, because there was so much positive energy in the room – you could tell that the cast loved working on the series, and had a lot of fun together, and there was a huge turnout and everybody in the audience was excited, and the cast was thrilled to see that they had so many fans. After the screening, the cast had a special limited-time signing, so I got a bunch of signed mini-cards. Then it was time to quickly grab a pizza and head up to get my picture taken with Eliza at the ‘photo op.’

After I’d left the photo op room, things kinda got less eventful. The convention center was very crowded by that point in the afternoon; I went to one panel that I thought looked cool, but I was late and it was standing room only, so I didn’t stay. Then another event got cancelled, and I ended up sitting for about an hour and a half in the waiting line for Eliza’s question and answer session, which was pretty cool – I got a good seat and recorded some of it on my camera. And then a dinner shindig with the Toronto Firefly group to round out the day.

So it was a fun time, despite a lot of waiting around. But even the waiting time I put to good use – reading on the iPhone! I finished reading “Prisoner of Azkaban”, read Terry Pratchett’s “The Light Fantastic” through from beginning to end, and started on “The Rock Rats.” The battery went down more than halfway just from all of that reading!

PS: Since I see that somebody was searching for it, the autograph fee for Eliza Dushku was a bit on the pricey side – forty dollars a signature, and fifty for the photo op ticket.

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