Nanowrimo Spotlight: Patricia Loofbourrow, NaNo author

November 13, 2015

Good evening, and welcome to tonight’s spotlight interview. Tonight, we hear from Patricia, who’s on Nanowrimo as kalima. Take it away, Patricia!

I ran across NaNo somewhere online. It was 2005 and I had always wanted to write a novel. It seemed like a good time. Then my husband came home and told me he was being transferred and had to start work halfway across the country in six weeks. 😮
We had three kids in school, one with some fairly serious health issues, so the next six weeks were a flurry of getting the house on the market, transferring everything, and buying another home while 1700 miles away. We got to our new home October 27th. I spent the first week of NaNo writing on my laptop while sitting on the floor of my empty home because the movers weren’t there yet!
But it was a lot of fun. I think that is the NaNo I will remember the most. I’ve participated several times since then (didn’t always win, but I had fun).

What are you writing about this year?

This year I’m writing book 2 of a series about a female private eye who lives in a domed neo-Victorian city split by four crime families. Book 1, The Jacq of Spades (which I wrote the first draft of last year during NaNo) comes out December 1st.

What is your favorite movie – you have to pick just one!
The Matrix (just the first one)

What advice would you give to all your fellow Wrimos?
Just write. Write everything you can possibly think of about your story: your speculations, all your plot complications, your possible endings, everything. You are not allowed to delete anything until December. Remember, if you delete 100 words a day, that’s 3000 words you could have had. Yes, it’s crap. You’re writing 50,000 words in a month! Of course it won’t be perfect — that’s what editing is about. Every NaNo novel is a first draft, which by definition is highly likely to be a total mess. But you can’t edit what you don’t write. 🙂

Sneaky Ninja question! What time in the day do you write the most?
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Blog the Cat, Chapter Six – Common Sense Rules

February 19, 2011

Blog the cat screenwriting index.

Well, since it’s Saturday, we’re back to my chapter-by-chapter reviews of Blake Snyder’s screenwriting book ‘Save the Cat.’

As we move on through Blake Snyder’s book, this chapter is a little bit less structured than the first five. I also found it much less hard-and-fast than its title, ‘The Immutable Laws of Screenplay Physics’ suggested. But then, I tend to side with the school of thought exemplified by the line, “The only rule of writing is: there are no rules.”

And also, as much as Blake goes on about wanting credit for his ‘snappy rules and ironclad laws’, he doesn’t even lay them out as instructions or warnings. There’s details about how to handle each one, but more than anything, this chapter is laid out as an in-depth glossary, so I’ll cover it on the same basis.

Item 1: Save the Cat

I was already familiar with this tidbit from discussions of Blake’s principles around the time of Script Frenzy last year – and it came up in the introduction as well, since it’s the origin of the title.

What is it? The thing that the hero has to do when the audience meets him, so that they like him and want him to win.

Good or bad thing? Good, in fact, required according to Blake.

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