Need some #Nanopals for the rest of the year?

January 25, 2013

One of the coolest thing to come out of the ‘Now What?’ tweetchat last week was something that a few people started talking about just as the scheduled chat was breaking up and the OLL peeps were leaving – a way for writers to stay in touch for mutual support and critique exchange.

A few different names were tossed around, and ‘Nanopals’ stuck. 🙂 There’s been a nice bit of chatter ever since then on the #Nanopals twitter hashtag, and Wrimo TinyPterosaur has stepped up as an organizer, founding the Nanopals blog, laying claim to the @Nanopals twitter handle, starting a forum thread for Accountability buddies over at… and probably other stuff that I don’t know about yet, because I’m not stalking a tiny pterosaur or anything. That would be weird…

But I love the idea of Nanopals, and I’m going to keep hanging out in the hashtag TweetChat whenever I can, cheering fellow writers on, and looking for any cool ways to get involved in this community. Because we all do need some writing pals when the excitement of Nanowrimo has faded out into the ‘Now what?’ stage.

Speaking of twitter handles, I’ve got a little news. My twitter handle has been updated from @ChrisKen0 to @ChrisKelworth . More about that coming soon!


Massive Twitter #Nanowrimo chat tonight; don’t miss it!

January 17, 2013

Just a quick note today, early so that it isn’t reaching my friends and followers too late.

The great folks at the Office of Letters and Light are doing a Twitter chat about revision and publishing this evening; Jan 17th, 5 pm Pacific time, which will be 8pm for me over here in Ontario. You can search for Nanowrimo-related tweets with this search link, or follow the hashtag conversation via TweetChat.

I’m not quite sure what the chat is going to be like, but I suspect it’ll be fun and probably informative! Hope to see you tweeting there.

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