U is for Uploading to Virtual Worlds

April 24, 2014

For the A to Z challenge this year, I’m sharing science fiction and fantasy story ideas…

I love the idea of the singularity and being able to ‘upload’ a human brain and body from biological reality into a computer core that can run them better. I’ve been noodling on a notion that combines that with alien visitation…

So, an alien starship shows up and makes contact with Earth, but it’s really just a robot drone with a gigantic computer core. Inside the computer are billions of uploaded personality from millions of different species. They travel through the galaxy on their computer ship, effectively immortal, and able to ‘explore’ millions upon millions of virtual planets any time they want, some based on real worlds that the starship or similar ones have visited, some entirely made up.

The ship and its digital citizens want to spend a hundred years or so studying the Earth to add it to their library. If we’re interested, they also offer to upload anybody who wants the digital life and take them along. But a few people start to wonder if the aliens are really able to upload Earthlings without running into a few mistakes as they work out the process…

If you’re interested enough to pick this up and write your own version, feel free; ideas are cheap. And let me know! I’ll be keeping the notions vague enough that lots of different stories might be written from them.

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H is for the Hitch-hiking Hologram

April 9, 2014

For the A to Z challenge this year, I’m sharing science fiction and fantasy story ideas…

I rather like this one. I picture it in space, at a time when ships routinely carry holo-projectors with elaborate computer processing cores, a little like the holodecks in Star Trek.

One independent AI travels by transferring from ship to ship and entertaining or teaching the passengers on board each… until she hops onto a ship whose owners have something much darker in mind for her.

They may try to rape her, in a virtual reality environment where she hasn’t been granted rights to shut down her avatar. They might want to tear apart her program to sell it  off, isolating subroutines as non-sentient software, blanking out everything that might make her resist their plans or suspect them, even trick her into making copies of herself!

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