It’s good to be back home.

July 8, 2012

I had a great day at Polaris, but it’s nice to be back in my own apartment in Hamilton after having had so many adventures over the past two weeks, in Lawrence and Toronto.

The place was 33C when I got in, because of the summer heat and my leaving the air conditioner off to save on energy. Last I checked, the kitchen thermometer was saying 28 after a few hours of full power conditioning. 😉

A few more Polaris highlights – waiting for over an hour to volunteer help set up the autographs room, which I didn’t get a chance to because nobody showed up to unlock the room, sigh. (But I got some extra credit with the volunteer people, including a volunteer pin that I didn’t quite qualify for based on my hours. 😀 ) Got my picture taken with Miracle Laurie, had this big crazy grin on my face.

Also panels for: Ad Astra convention, Castle, Star Trek, Isaac Asimov, Chuck, and Doctor Who. And I made pretty good time driving back. I’ve been keeping track of my mileage for car trips, to help figure out how much I spend on gas going places, and from the Best Western parking lot to my building was exactly 100.0 kilometers.

On clicking the refresh button.

August 4, 2011

There seems to be a lot of people struggling with their impatience, waiting for digital news around, and I’m one of them.

Over at Camp Nanowrimo, the server has been assigning cabins for a while now, and ever since August 1st camping writers have been anxiously waiting for their cabin doors to open and find out who their cabin-mates are. There’s a thread on the Nanowrimo forums for campers to commiserate about the angst of waiting in, and some of them have also shared stories of woe about waiting for things like job offer emails, responses from agents and publishers, and getting into exclusive Harry Potter websites or something.

Myself, I’m waiting for something else in my email. While I was at Polaris, I volunteered to help with setup, and got a little slip of paper inviting me to the staff thank-you party. I promptly managed to lose track of both the slip and the date for several weeks, and only found both this morning. The party is this Sunday, but the slip said to please RSVP by July 22nd. 😦

So, I sent an email to the RSVP address asking if it would still be okay for me to come by and meet the crew, and I was thinking that if I got a reply today it would be kinda cool to book a hotel room in Toronto for the weekend and go to a few other social events – Nanowrimo Odd Fridays at Runnymede, and a Karaoke for Cancer charity thing. But I didn’t really want to make those plans until I heard back from the Polaris volunteers people.

And there’s been no response in just over 12 hours. 😦

Sigh. I’ll probably be able to go in even if I keep my options open – it’ll save me money on the hotel and mean more travelling time, one way or another. I can live with that. And maybe, if I get the word soon, I can manage to swing the hotel thing anyway.

Wish me luck!

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