A little more about my Block Revision process

July 23, 2012

Block Revision is still doing pretty well; I got up to scene 24 at Williams yesterday with Elizabeth Twist, then went back to add on to scene 20 this morning. Sometimes the going seems slow, but that’s probably just because I had the crazy notion that this was something I could plow through in a week just because Holly Lisle put it in one lesson. 😉 It’ll take as long as it takes, and I’m getting lots of great work done.

When I’m not at Williams cafe, though, I’ve been noticing that my way of approaching Block Revision has become very formal and ritualized, and that probably helps me get into the right mindset for it. It starts with the setup – making sure that the big tall lamp in the living room is plugged in. I hook my iphone up to a traveldock speaker, set the timer for 45 minutes or however long I think I have to edit in this session, and start playing the ‘Monastery’ playlist, which is almost all instrumental tunes. If I feel any need, I’ll make sure I have sugar-free koolaid in something with a screw-on lid, and some peanuts in a bowl.

Then I go to the Focus Outline cards that I had printed up from my notes, find my place, and get down to work. After comparing the sentence on the card with the pages indicated, I figure out if I can start by marking up a passage in my printed first draft, or if I need to start with fresh stuff on the Alphasmart Dana. Quite often I start and finish the scene on the Dana, without using anything from the page, just marking ‘Block Scene 22’ or whatever somewhere in the margins in blue pen, updating the page number, and doodling a little red box with an X through it, to indicate that the entire page is to be cut as-is.

I haven’t done anything with cutting and taping so far, or really used the post-it notes, and I only occasionally refer to my consistency laundry list or my worksheet printouts. Maybe I should be leaning on these more, but I’ve got a system that works and that keeps me paying attention to enough things at once already. If I’m making a mistake at this point, I probably won’t figure it out until I’m done the course.

A-Z extra post by request: The Umbrella rant.

May 1, 2011

U is also for…

A few people mentioned that they wanted to see my ‘angry rant about umbrellas’ that I said I wasn’t going to write last week for U, so here it is.

I’m not angry at umbrellas. I’m angry at myself for forgetting umbrellas and leaving them behind. Not always – I do relatively often take an umbrella when I leave my apartment in the morning and actually still have it with me when I come back home. But over the long term, it seems like I never keep an umbrella with me without leaving it somewhere.

I lost a good sturdy full-size umbrella on the 31st of March. I remember having it when I got to Williams Cafe on the Hamilton Harbourfront for the Hamilton Script Frenzy party, and I suspect that I lost track of it when switching tables so that one of my new friends could plug in her laptop, since it had battery issues. I asked at the counter the next time I went there, but nobody had turned it in to the lost and found.

And a little black umbrella with a telescoping shaft went astray last Thursday, actually – or at least, I assume that it’s gone forever. I remembered having it with me when I was walking home from work – the weather was fine by then, so it was sitting on my work bag. The next time I actually thought about it was when I was getting ready to leave on Friday morning, because the forecast was threatening rain again.

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