W is for Wizard and Witch Wedding

April 26, 2014

For the A to Z challenge this year, I’m sharing science fiction and fantasy story ideas…

Pretty simple idea here; a wizard and a witch are getting married. The trouble with a wedding story is usually introducing enough conflict, so maybe there are old traditions that witches or wizards aren’t supposed to get married (or to marry each other,) that the bride and groom have decided to break. Probably both families have their own notions of the kinds of magic that should surround a wedding day, and the spells start to interfere with each other.

Maybe one or the other actually doesn’t want to get married, but they’re being forced into it.

If you’re interested enough to pick this up and write your own version, feel free; ideas are cheap. And let me know! I’ll be keeping the notions vague enough that lots of different stories might be written from them.

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Six Sentence Sunday: The Witches of Arion 9

November 11, 2012

I’m doing great on NaNoWriMo, but Six Sentence Sunday continues. Nashua just told her parents that she’s going to be a witch…

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Father dropped his cup. “What did you say, girl?” Mother burst into loud wails and sobs.

“Thank you very much, I enjoyed myself…”

“That’s – that’s a disgrace to our family at the best of times, but after seeing one of them humiliate your mother, and hearing how frightened she was? Do you hate her so much that you want to become one of her tormentors?”

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Six Sentence Sunday: The Witches of Arion 8

November 4, 2012

Even NaNoWriMo can’t stop Six Sentence Sunday! Nashua and her mother got home from the fair, but all is not well in the town of Egya…

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By the end, when Mother told Father how Moon White had laid ‘the true name charm’ on her and forced her over to the fire, she was sniffling and crying just a little bit.

Father hummed over several bites, and turned to Nashua. “Well, girl, do you have anything to say to your mother?”

“Thank you very much for taking me to the fair, Mother. I’m going to be a witch someday!” The last part just sort of slipped out because she was so excited about it.

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Six Sentence Sunday: The Witches of Arion 7

October 28, 2012

Welcome back to Six Sentence Sunday! We’re still at Fox’s Fair, but things are getting dicey between Nashua’s arrogant mother and the witch known as Moon White, so Auntie pleads on Mom’s behalf…

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“My sister was harsh and rude to you – but I apologize on her behalf. If you demand recompense or blood for her insult, then take it from me.”

Moon White stared at Lima for a moment, then snapped her fingers, and Mother sprang back from the fire, landing in a dusty heap, while some of the other fair-goers crowded near the pits laughed at her.

“I would not have let her hurt herself,” Moon White intoned. “I thank you for your apology, sister, and commend the courage of your offer. If I may do you a favor before I leave your town, come to me and ask – but for now, I must get back to my fortunes.”

Thanks to all who have given feedback, and I look forward to your comments! 🙂

Six Sentence Sunday: The Witches of Arion 6

October 21, 2012

Welcome back to Six Sentence Sunday.

Thanks to all who have read my sixes and/or given feedback. (Hopefully you haven’t given feedback without reading!) I’m going to skip ahead a little, to Nashua and her family meeting the witch from Fox’s Fair…

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“You should be more careful what you say around a witch – Lady Evelyn Berra Tirec.” Mother stiffened as the witch intoned her name. “Especially in a place like this – where there’s so many ways to hurt yourself.”

Mother got up stiffly from the table and walked around to the roasting pits. Nashua drew in a sharp breath when Mother bent down near to the largest fire.

“I beg you, Moon White – spare her,” Aunt Lima said, and the witch turned to look at her, as Mother stayed crouched down.

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Six Sentence Sunday – The Storm Mirror 4

March 11, 2012

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So, Melvin is at the village market, and finding out more about a possible reason for the storm that killed his brother…

“Well, I don’t believe that I’ve ever heard any of the witch’s name,” Auntie said, smiling up at him.

“I asked a few times, but she said that for her kind, names had great power, and asked me every time to call her Sunshine. She lives in a big grey house up on the cliff-top, and used to pay me in the most creative and splendid ways for my most unusual weeds. Until – just after the New Year, she told me that my services were no longer required. It was a few months after that the first storms came, but you know what? Whenever there’s a bad one, the storm clouds don’t seem to come from over the water, or from the lowlands, but they just sort of appear at the cliff-top.”

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