Six Sentence Sunday – The Wyverns of Werness

October 23, 2011

Good morning, everybody! Even though is apparently on hiatus for the week, I’m going to share this excerpt anyway.

This is an opening that I’m pretty sure I’m going to change. It’s for ‘The Wyverns of Werness’ – the draft that I rewrote while I was at the Kansas workshop.

First, Michael Briely went to the cargo hatch of the small plane and loaded the plastic cage with the baby wyvern inside. “Hey, little guy, you’ll be okay,” he muttered as the little blue creature hissed at him and tried to nip at his fingers through the plastic bars. “I just want you to meet a few friends of mine back at Base Camp.”

He took a few moments to check the other animals he had trapped and make sure that nobody would be short on food or water for the trip. Then he closed the hatch, climbed up into the pilot’s seat, and turned on the communicator set.

“Falcon One to Base Camp, Falcon One to Base Camp – come in Base Camp.”

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