My face is mostly unfrozen now.

January 26, 2012

I’ve been having a very dental January so far, sigh. Last week – cleaning and check-up, X-rays picked up three little cavities forming between my teeth.

Today – got three needles worth of freezing and two fillings.

Next week – have an appointment to go back and get the last cavity taken care of – at two in the afternoon, so I still have to check if I can leave work that early.

It’s a weird sensation, to have that kind of local anasthesia in my face. I didn’t want to talk afterward, but I still got my exercise walking around the mall, picked up some groceries, (yay for self-check-out, hehe,) and took the bus back home.

And even eating cream of chicken soup with crackers was a bit more chewing than I was really wild about.

But at least it’s over with until next week.

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