A quick JulNoWriMo update

Well, it’s pretty much halfway through the month of July, and my JulNoWriMo project is going well – in fact, I just passed the halfway mark of my 50,000 word goal this afternoon on the bus, writing on my little Eeepc – 25,135 words lighting up on my openOffice spreadsheet screen. A beautiful thing.

I’m not going to go too much detail about my JulNo writing, because it’s fan fiction and I don’t want to ramble much about fan fiction in this blog, which is more focused on marketable writing (hopefully.) But I do find writing fandom works to be an incredible boost for my creative batteries when things are going well.

For JulNo, I’m continuing a story I started last year, ‘Children of the Molecule’ – a crossover between Doctor Who and Roswell, with the Doctor taking Rose Tyler to visit Roswell because she wanted to know if there were really any aliens there. She didn’t expect to find teenage aliens in the year 2001.

It’s a fun story to write, and one that I hope I can manage to finish soon, with the power of JulNo behind me. (I was feeling writer’s blocked on it starting around May.)

One Response to A quick JulNoWriMo update

  1. Brittany says:

    Congrats on hitting half-way! I’m very far off from that point…


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