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Elizabeth has a great blog of her own, and she’s participating in the Crusade and the A-Z challenge, but this post isn’t a blogger spotlight. It’s about the Elizabeth that I know in real life – or as close to real as it gets for writers who talk about writing together.

I’m not perfectly clear on the circumstances, but I think that I first met Elizabeth late in October or early in November of 2008, at an event for the Hamilton National Novel Writing Month region. And it seems likely to me that she stepped into the room, noticed the other writers gathering, and hurried over with a big wave.

That’s the impression that I always have of Elizabeth, though I know that there’s been times when she hasn’t been able to keep up that kind of enthusiasm, but I still associate her with creative energy and optimism.

Since December of 2009 or so, we’ve continued to meet at coffee shops in Hamilton on the weekend whenever we can schedule it, to type away or scribble longhand on paper, (in her case – I can’t read my own writing on paper anymore,) chat about our recent projects, and procrastinate by discussing work, books, television, movies, or anything else we can think of. I’ve heard all about her stories involving fem-angst vampires, zombies, poisoners, and less likely suspects, and told her about my unlikely angels, space parents, wizard detectives, spellcasting princesses, and homesick aliens.

More than anything, though, I’d like to thank Elizabeth for supporting me in my creative goals through the times when it seemed like a lot of other writer friends I’d made were busy on adventures of their own. I hope that I’ve been as good a source of support for her too.

So, here’s to you, Elizabeth. It’s your day, as far as I’m concerned. And good luck with that crazy Story-a-Day thing that you’ve signed up for in May!

11 Responses to Elizabeth Twist

  1. Arlee Bird says:

    It’s nice for writers to be able to get together and support each other. I’ve met only one blogger so far outside of a couple of nieces and a nephew who are much younger than I. I would enjoy spending time with contemporaries to trade ideas and help each other out.

    Contrary to my usual practice of subscribing to comments, to save time during this early part of the challenge I will not be doing so at this time. If you want to respond to my comment, please email me directly from your email notification for the comment.
    Thanks. And I truly appreciate your efforts.

    Tossing It Out
    Twitter hashtag: #atozchallenge


  2. Hey! That’s me! This is such a nice post. I thank you for your friendship and for walking with me on this crazy writing path. You are a great source of support, and I know I can count on you when I need to problem solve an especially tricky issue…like how a guy whose head explodes and regenerates ad infinitum can destroy an alien ship using this superpower. To take a totally random example.;)

    Seriously, thank you.

    Arlee, I hope you are able to find some writing buddies in the future. NaNoWriMo write-ins are a great way to contact local writers.


  3. Sandi Ormsby says:

    How pleasant. I love when someone writes something so positive.

    I would be so tickled if someone took time to do something special for me! šŸ™‚

    Thanks for the heart-warming. As my daughter and I say “that makes my heart smile.”



  4. What a lovely shout out to your friend šŸ™‚


  5. You’re very welcome, Elizabeth.

    And what a delightful random example! “When you need to know how a guy whose head explodes and regenerates ad infinitum can destroy an alien ship using this superpower… who’re you gonna call?” šŸ˜€


  6. Sarah Allen says:

    Great post šŸ™‚ Its always nice to have those people in your life who support you in your writing and know the kinds of things your dealing with. Thanks for sharing!

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)


  7. Michael says:

    What a nice dedication to your friend. I wish I had writer friends to connect with but alas, I only know the ones online. No one in person (or in Utah) that seems to have any interest in connecting.


  8. @kelworthfiles: I’m sure it’s no coincidence that “Chris Kelworth” has three syllables…the same as “Ghostbusters!” We are on to something.


  9. Ellie says:

    What a great tribute to your friend. Isn’t it wonderful when we make such lasting friendships!

    Ellie Garratt


  10. Ju Dimello says:

    Hey, great post! Nice to meet you and Elizabeth šŸ™‚

    Following you from A-Z blogging challenge!


  11. Margo Kelly says:

    Nice post!
    I’m a new follower from the a-z challenge. Nice to meet you!


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