Getting the Dana software ready to beta-test

So, I posted open calls today for beta-testers of my Dana Alphasmart programs on the Alphasmart flickr group and the Nanowrimo Alphasmart users thread.

I thought that both programs were as ready as I could make them, but as I tried to explain what they did, I thought of a few other features that would be nifty for the Multicounter… ‘Does it export to the onboard Memo Pad yet, or just to SD card’? ‘What if you could get a grand total word count for ALL of your scratchpads at the touch of a button?’

That led me to opening up the source code, with more questions – I actually don’t think that the version of the source code I was looking at at the time was the most up to date, because I was sure that I’d tweaked the export to SD card routine so that the export format output looks like the UI layout. And I noticed a few places where I wasn’t correctly testing the results of my DB calls for errors – bad Chris!

Hopefully it won’t take too long to iron out these few little details – it may have to wait until after Toronto Comicon though!

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