What’s Up Wednesday, whistling merrily on by…

What’s Up Wednesday is a weekly blogfest to share the answers to a few simple questions… Join us! This Wednesday’s post was slightly delayed on account of IWSG. 🙂 It’s been a few weeks since I updated WUW, since it was on hiatus for Christmas and New Year’s.

ROCKETBORDERWhat I’m reading:

Just finished another Discworld book from the local library, “Reaper Man”, which I enjoyed a lot. Discworld Death gets some of the best lines:

“There is no hope but Us. There is no mercy but Us. There is no Justice. There is Just Us… But We must care… What can the harvest hope for, if not the care of the Reaper Man?”

I’m also enjoying the first digital audiobook I’ve borrowed from the library, “Shadow Souls” from the Vampire Diaries Return series. I’ve read the penultimate installment of “Lockstep”, and “Life Flight” by Brad Torgenson, both from the March 2014 issue of Analog, and enjoyed them both quite a lot. (Life Flight has one plot hole I noticed, which led me to a somewhat disturbing and thought-provoking fanwank.)

What I’m writing:

Mostly working on a quick revision of “Orpheus and the Cameraman” to submit to critters for feedback. I also need to get working on the full novel synopsis for “Alien Love on a Kitchen Scale.” 🙂

What inspires me right now:

Hmm… definitely not the lovely winter weather at the moment. Mythology, my writer friends, and the character cafe over at nanowrimo.org.

What else I’ve been up to:

A lot of critiquing, catching up on some good tv shows both old and new, and sleeping off a 48-hour cold.

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One Response to What’s Up Wednesday, whistling merrily on by…

  1. Ron Smith says:

    Alien Love on a Kitchen Scale. Now that certainly sounds interesting. Good luck with all of your writing endeavors in 2014!


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