Productive Saturday

This is definitely one of those days I can look back on and know that I got stuff done…

  • Got all my Christmas shopping done, including ‘New Year’s’ cards for my colleagues at work and some writer friends. (All the generic Christmas cards at the dollar store were pretty sappy, while the New Year’s cards seemed to hit the right note 😀 )
  • Got my hair cut.
  • Got my cable box shipped back to Cogeco.
  • Finished lesson 7 for revising “The Storm Mirror”, and pushed through lesson 16.
  • Made a kick-ass beef stew, with plenty put away in the fridge.

There was also some Terry Pratchett, organizing recycling, shopping for groceries, and organizing computer stuff in there. Now I can sleep the sleep of the just, or at least the sleep of the reasonably satisfied.

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