Nanowrimo week 1 update

Okay, so – I am trying to set my pace to reach 50,000 words at the Night of Writing Dangerously banquet in San Francisco, and since it falls on Nov 18th this year, that means my target is a somewhat staggering 2778 words per day.

And I’m just on target! My word count at the moment is 19,510 words, which is actually 7.02 days worth according to my word count spreadsheet. I was feeling a little doldrum-ey today, still several hundred words behind even after writing on the bus, but I joined in some #NanoWordSprints and made up the difference.

I kinda like the way the story’s going so far. My characters have explored a lot of the planet Chazwa and gotten involved with Jo Grant, (name subject to change, since I didn’t realize that Doctor Who had dibs,) who’s recruiting them into some undercover shenanigans to con criminals.

It’s moving a bit slowly, but then, I don’t need to get to THE END by 50k, and I’m not sure I need to finish it during November, though that would be nice. This is better than the opposite problem, of running out of story before I reach 50k.

Are you doing Nano? How’s it coming so far? Any sign of the doldrums?

4 Responses to Nanowrimo week 1 update

  1. Trisha says:

    I’m really happy so far with this year’s effort. I almost feel like the story is writing itself. šŸ™‚ It’s a good feeling, and unlike much of last year’s experience.


  2. Damn, you’re NaNoing up a storm! That’s great, and that’s an amazing amount of words to have at this point. I have a puny 10k so far, but hoping to catch up soon.

    I need to be done 3 days early and thought that was going to be rough, then I see that you’ve got to finish by the 18th and you’re right on track. šŸ™‚


  3. I am Doldrum-y like you wouldn’t believe. I got sick Tuesday night/Wednesday morning at work. (I didn’t write Tuesday due to laziness/not feeling the story). And so I slept all day Wednesday in order to try to flush it out, and I’ve been busy all day today. Now that I sit down to write… I just don’t feel it. I’m kind of fed up with this story… It sucks. I don’t really want to have to start another one…


  4. Kelly Ospina says:

    You are doing great! Word sprints are awesome. šŸ™‚ I expected to be overwhelmed and that finding time to write would be problematic this year, but to my surprise things are humming along pretty well.


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