Six Sentence Sunday: The Gnomes are Missing, 9

Happy Six Sentence Sunday, everybody! Next week will be the last SSS under the current dynasty. I’ve been posting sixes on Sunday for more than a year now, and it’ll be like the ending of an era.

Last time, Kinwer accidentally mentioned Gibbs, his missing gnome friend, in front of his family and his sister’s fiancee. Just to warn you, I’ve been revising this part recently, so I might have repeated or tweaked something.

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Father turned and glared at Kinwer, and mother muttered something to him under her breath. Father didn’t like Kinwer talking to the gnomes about anybody, even family – and Zaffaran was ‘almost family.’ Zaffaran seemed to be a little upset too, but he forced a wide and friendly smile on his face. “Yes, what’s wrong with your gnome friend?”

“Umm, it doesn’t matter.”

“Are you sure?” Zaffaran said, and looked around at the rest of the family.

Thank you so much for reading. Even though it’s months yet to Easter, I’ll be handing out chocolate eggs to anybody who leaves feedback this week. 🙂

5 Responses to Six Sentence Sunday: The Gnomes are Missing, 9

  1. Jess Schira says:

    I happen to love gnome, and find the idea of one that’s gone MIA heartbreaking. This is a very smoothly written snippet. Nicely done!


  2. I’ve never read much about gnomes so this is very interesting. An intriguing six!


  3. So the family know about the gnomes? Or do they think Kinwer is touched in the head and want to hide it? BTW in your second sentence, are “about” and “to” mixed up?


  4. Kate Warren says:

    Seems like Zaffaran could be more understanding than the family are. Then again, maybe not.


  5. I’m still not sure of gnomes are good or bad. I think I’ll keep my distance for now. ANd thanks for signing up for the Re-Introduce Myself Blogfest!


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