Weekend Writing Warriors – Time Bubble Blues #5

Happy weekend, friends and followers. I’m scrambling to put together this Weekend Writing Warriors! post, because I left it blank all week – so if I missed something, I apologise. This week, we’re still in a flashback, with Jack discussing his reasons for going to TimeBubble…


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“I just want to spend the days I’ve got left surrounded by my family on their happy occasions, to stretch out the months so that I can see my grandchildren graduate and get married.”

“What if something goes wrong?” Andrew asked.

“Nothing will go wrong; they’ve been doing this for years. I go in the room, some tech pushes a button, and time passes up to a hundred times more slowly for me than it does for you. I have a snack, read a book or something, take a nap maybe, and I come out when you show up to give me a ride to the next birthday party, or when the computer running my room has an alarm clock go off. And if I need something that I don’t have inside, if god forbid the toilet backs up or I get a nosebleed, I just push the panic button hanging from my belt, and what do you know? I’m back in the temporal continuum as we know it, and the door opens. If the doctors say I need it, they can rig a panic button up to a heart monitor or some other medical gizmo, so that even if I black out, it can call for help and let the nurses inside.”

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8 Responses to Weekend Writing Warriors – Time Bubble Blues #5

  1. Intriguing and very interesting. Every eventuality seems to be covered. Great snippet. 😊


  2. Oooh fascinating! Great 8!


  3. Nan says:

    Okay, so I confess I had to go back and read the other four snippets because I’m so intrigued. Great concept–well done! I’m in!


  4. Anytime someone says nothing can go wrong, I immediately worry LOL! Terrific snippet, love this premise!


  5. Botanist says:

    “Nothing will go wrong” – nothing like tempting fate! 🙂


  6. I bet something can go wrong! Very intriguing.


  7. Summer Ross says:

    Intriguing lines- the make me curious about what will happen next. Though I have to admit I had a hard time getting through the paragraph smoothly because of the long sentences. Have a great day!
    My 8 sentences


  8. If it can’t go wrong, it will.


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