Weekend Writing Warriors – The Aurigae Express 1

Good morning! Okay, so as promised, I’m sharing the first snippet from my Camp Nanowrimo project “The Aurigae Express.” To briefly set the scene, Alan and Diane are police partners who’ve volunteered to visit an alien planet where very few Earthlings have gone, to track down a fugitive and retrieve her ill-gotten millions.



Finally they were led onto the ship by a formidable green and white Aurigaen, who crawled down the corridors confidently on all fours. “Your chamber,” the alien said after a few minutes, pointing at the door that he’d just passed. “Please arrange all your belongings securely by ten minutes before launch. I am Fiddle, your passenger relations officer. Please contact me via intraship communicators if the safety instructions are in any way unclear.”

And he hurried off down the corridor. Diane looked at Alan and then at their cartful of baggage. “He’s got great people skills, huh?”

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10 Responses to Weekend Writing Warriors – The Aurigae Express 1

  1. I liked the part about walking on all fours. Great detail.


  2. She’s got to be wondering what she’s in for. Wonderful job!


  3. Actually I thought he was really darn polite. LOL. Nice imagery.


  4. Hm. I wonder what’s involved in seeing their belongings are “secure.” And how may limbs that alien has if it (he?) can spare four for walking.


  5. Interesting premise and fun start to the story – terrific snippet!


  6. Great visuals. I could really see this. An interesting place!


  7. LOL yeah, the people skills seem to be slightly lacking. This looks like it’s going to be fun.


  8. Kayci Morgan says:

    Your snippet made me smile.


  9. Kate Warren says:

    Well he’s not all bubbly or anything, but he seems efficient. Looking forward to more from this. Speaking of which…I’m going straight to the next snippet. :o)


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