Happy May two-four weekend!

May 21, 2012

It’s Victoria Day today, and the long weekend is informally known in parts of Ontario as ‘May two-four’, as the holiday falls on the Monday on or before May twenty-fourth. To me, the May long weekend has marked the start of summertime for a long while.

This weekend, I’ve had a fairly quiet weekend, sticking close to home, partly because of work stuff – we were asked to keep an eye on our email in case there were support requests from customers in the states, and my brand-new Droid work phone isn’t admitting that it has a data plan yet, so I can only check email over wi-fi. Sigh.

But it’s been a good weekend anyway – I met up with Elizabeth Twist for a coffeeshop write-in yesterday, drove around last night in a somewhat ill-fated attempt to find a parking place for the fireworks show, and I’m heading over to visit with my Mom later this afternoon. I also got some cooking done, storing away leftovers for next week and possibly longer, and finally started serious work on my new revision of my ‘Father Ismay’ story. The hobgoblins are going to get changed into wolf people, for one thing.

So, what were you up to on the weekend? If you’re in the US, do you have big plans for Memorial Day?

It’s Memorial Day.

May 30, 2011

Today, I’m wishing a memorable Memorial Day to all you Americans.

Here in Canada, we have our May long weekend one week before you. I actually think it’s kinda funny how that works out.

Memorial day is specified to be the last Monday in May.
May has 31 days.
Victoria day in Canada is specified to be the Monday on or immediately before May 24th, which was Queen Victoria’s birthday.
Since 31-24=7, it always works out to be exactly one week away, no more and no less.

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