My not-too-fantastic Script idea

So, it’s been crazy with the NaNoEdMo editing and the car buying and a few other things, but I’ve sorta come up with a notion for Script Frenzy that isn’t science fiction or paranormal fantasy or anything else that’s tough to produce. In fact, it even falls a little bit under the heading of ‘write what you know.’

I don’t have a crazy bulletin board of index cards for it this time, just an idea with a character and a situation, a plot idea about what he wants. I’m not even sure if there’s going to be a clear antagonist, or maybe it’ll be one of those plots where the MC is his own worst enemy. But this will be the story of a passionate Star Wars fan, who vows to find the love of his life by going on blind dates arranged through sci-fi geek groups. 🙂 I’m thinking of calling it ‘Geek at Heart.’

What do you think? Who should the bad guy be? What will the ‘All is Lost’ moment entail?

8 Responses to My not-too-fantastic Script idea

  1. Sounds interesting. Will you be posting up excerpts as you write? =)

    The ‘all is lost’ moment could be when he realises the girl he really likes… actually hates Star Wars with a passion. LOL


  2. WAIT. I thought I saw you mention A to Z somewhere down there. Are you doing BOTH this year?


  3. I love the title! 🙂

    Good luck!



  4. That sounds like a funny idea!
    How about the geek has a friend, who turns out to be a false friend because when the geek finds a nice girl, he tries to spoil it. Perhaps he even pretends he’s just as much into Star Wars, too, but then hurts the geek really hard by making fun of him or even make him doubt his passion for Star Wars is something good.
    It would be great if the geek would win the love of his life with the help of Star Wars in the end 🙂


  5. Kate Warren says:

    I like it. No plot ideas for you, but I like it.


  6. BowenHardcase says:

    A good antagonist would be the “normal” guy who runs the dating service… he could be using his business as his own personal dating pool and skim the most attractive girls off the top for himself.


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